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Hawaii Judge Ronald Ibarra Aids Organized crime

Hawaii Judge Ronald Ibarra Aids Organized crime in a case against Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

In this video of a hearing for a Motion for Summary Judgement on April 17th, 2015, Judge Ronald Ibarra gives Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz 3 minutes to argue his rights to save his property.

From this one hearing, and no trial in violation of Dr. Horowitz’s and Sherri Kane’s rights, Judge Ronald Ibarra gave Dr. Horowitz’s property title away to a drug dealing Attorney named Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Sulla is covertly trying to steal the property using a homeless drifter named Jason Hester who Sulla has also made a false heir to the man who sold Dr. Horowitz the property, Cecil Loran Lee. Even though Lee had heirs he loved including his sister who he chose to be with he died in Arizona.

Photo of criminal drifter, Jason Hester who is being used by Paul J. Sulla Jr to steal Dr. Horowitz’s property:

Judge Ronald Ibarra, Hawaii judge, paul j sulla jr, paul sulla,, pauls sulla fraud, dr leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane

Our answer to “Hester’s” Motion for Summary Judgment. There were many “questions of facts” but still this court would not hear any of it. Not only did Judge Ibarra not grant a Jury trial, he actually stuck Horowitz and Kane’s Demand for Jury Trial from the record.

05162015 Order Granting Mtn. to Strike Demand for Jury

Sulla created this fake church entity in order to commit these crimes. Below you can witness the obvious cut and paste forgeries of Cecil Loran Lee (the man who sold Dr. Horowitz the property)  He was in Arizona at the time of his death, and he left no will, so Sulla took it upon himself illegally and without the authority of the Seller or a court to create this sham church entity and place Dr. Horowitz’s mortgage and note into it after it was paid.

Notice the number 8 is also a copy a paste job, on one of the forged signature pages when the number 2 is added before it as date.

Also notice the name Gwen Hillman as scribe yet she does not sign anything, it is the same copy and paste signature of Lee, which by the way is also appears to be a forgery of Lee’s name.

Check it out the Sham Church creation with the forgeries here:

Incorporation Articles in DCCA filing May 28 2009

Here is the real signature comparisons of Cecil Loran Lee:

Lee Forgery Comparison

Sulla filed his first Quit claim deed on our property, placing Dr. Horowitz’s mortgage and notes into this same sham church entity on May 15th, even before it was created on the 28th.

Assignment of Mortgage Fraud Warranty by Sulla_Lee May 15, 2009

After this sham church was registered at the DCCA, the people, Herbert and Ronn Ritke whose home this sham church was allegedly located at, came forward and stated that there never was a church as their house and to remove their names.

They entered this into a Federal Court filing:



Sulla held a NJF auction on the court steps and sold this property to the sham church with Hester as overseer:

[KGVID poster=”” width=”320″ height=”240″][/KGVID]

Then Mr. Sulla transferred Dr. Horowitz’s notes and mortgage from the Sham church into Hester’s personal name.

Quitclaim Deeds Church to Chruch _ Church to Hester

On that same day Sulla created a 50K mortgage with Hester. Judge Ibarra is well aware that Paul Sulla even has an mortgage with Hester illegally secured by our property. The mortgage states that if Hester does not pay taxes then Sulla will foreclose on him. How obvious is it that Hester would not be able to pay one cent of taxes? And Ibarra still refused to join Sulla to the case.


To make matters worse we have been paying the taxes even though Sulla has removed our names from the tax records, and placed Hester’s name on it.

This was all after this same Judge Ronald Ibarra was the judge during a 4 year old long case involving a jury trial where Dr. Horowitz beat a judicial foreclosure in 2008 and won a 200K jury award on the same property. Judge Ibarra vacated that jury award.

When Dr. Horowitz attempted to show the judge his accounting in that case, after the judge ordered him to, the judge then suddenly claimed he had no further jurisdiction in the case, yet he allowed the opposition to file 3 more final judgements, with each one taking more and more away from what Dr. Horowitz gained with the jury trial.

Here is the series of Final Judgments by Ibarra from the other case that is not even closed,  while he is allowing this new case to go on. It is not closed because Ibarra never gave Dr. Horowitz an appealable judgement so the Appellate court kept stating they had no jurisdiction.

Here are the judgements in that case, starting with the first denying Foreclosure in Horowitz’s favor, each taking more away from the original final judgement. Now how is this fair and just?


Judge Ibarra granted “Hester’s” Motion for Summary Judgement but did no grant his Motion for Trespass, which means that he is giving “Hester” the title to our house but claiming we are not Trespassing. What that means is that Ibarra is once again not giving a final order which means, that we cannot appeal it.

This is a pattern of Ibarra.

COURT MINUTE ORDER Granting Summary Judgment to HESTER May 5 2015

Now in this current Quiet Title case that Sulla filed involving the same property, the same Judge Ibarra is just going to give Dr. Horowitz’s property away, while the case where Dr. Horowitz beat the judicial foreclosure is still pending and Ibarra failed to issue any appealable judgements in that case! Should this not be illegal?

Is this not theft because all of the mortgage had been paid?

To make matters even worse, Dr. Horowitz’s first attorney was Judge Glenn Hara. Hara is the subordinate of  Judge Ibarra, who is chief Justice. They are both in the same 3rd Circuit.

Hara was the person that drafted Dr. Horowitz’s original Agreement for Closing Escrow.

Hara had a contract with Dr. Horowitz to come to court if he was needed and in the 2008 trial, he was needed and never fulfilled his obligation.

When Dr. Horowitz tried to appeal the 200K jury award, Ibarra’s office tampered with the evidence. Out of the 6000 pages sent over the the Appellate court, the 6 pages that had Judge Glenn Hara’s handwriting on the drafts were whited out, to cover up for the malpractice of his subordinate, Judge Glenn Hara.

Take a look for yourself:

Hara File Comparison(1)

To understand that Judge Ibarra’s office is not only covering up for Judge Hara but Judge Ibarra is also aiding and abetting organized crime by knowing that Paul J. Sulla Jr. is the real party of interest, and by knowing that Sulla is trying to steal our property.

Ibarra is also aware that Sulla is runs an illegal Ayahuasca church is on the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii.

Judge Ronald Ibarra, Hawaii judge, paul j sulla jr, paul sulla,, pauls sulla fraud, dr leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane






Sky of Hawaii Congregation Photo-1








Here are some Affidavits of Sulla’s church-goers:



Affidavits of Anonymous Parties(3)


Judge Ibarra has been made aware of Sulla’s Vertical Abusive Trust Beneficiary Scheme, where Sulla uses Sham entities to funnel his drug money: Judge Ronald Ibarra, Hawaii judge, paul j sulla jr, paul sulla,, pauls sulla fraud, dr leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane







Judge Ibarra has also been made aware that Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane hired a Handwriting expert that proved that Paul J. Sulla Jr. was a forging documents of a process server. He posted eviction notices on their front gate using another attorney’s stationary and forging the process server’s signature as R. Dum.

This is the Affidavit of the handwriting expert:

Affidavit of Beth Chrisman 3rd Signed Declaration 7-10-14

In 2012, after Sulla had committed these illegal acts. He attempted to get the court to give him and Hester authority over our property:


Since Paul J. Sulla Jr. has been disqualified from representing Hester, another attorney named Stephen D. Whittaker is representing “Hester,” even though Sulla is paying Whittaker to do this. Whittaker is violating his own rules by concealing Sulla as the real party of interest.

Background: Dr. Leonard Horowitz and his Corporation Sole hold the original mortgage, promissory notes and warranty deed on a property he purchased in 2004.

The property was $550K so Dr. Horowitz put down $200k and the rest was paid in mortgage payments. There was no bank involved.


Promissory Note $350K

Warranty Deed and Mortgage to RBD

By 2012, Paul J. Sulla Jr. who was attempting to steal this sacred property, kept suing Dr. Horowitz’s corporation Sole, and Dr. Horowitz had to keep hiring attorneys to defend it, so Dr. Horowitz dissolved the corporation sole but before the did that, he transferred all interests of the corporation into a Quit Claim Deed to himself  so he could defend the property pro se’.

QUITCLAIM DEED to Horowitz_Kane, July 11, 2012(3)

But this did not stop Sulla from still suing it. And this did not stop Sulla from getting the courts to claim that Dr. Horowitz had no standing, and not recognize that Dr. Horowitz was the co-signer on the original note, and the corporation had no more interests in the property. It also did not get the court to recognize that neither Hester or Sulla were on that original note, and therefore they had no standing, and were never authorized to do what they did.

Please view Dr. Horowitz’s affidavit to the FBI here: Please view Dr. Horowitz’s affidavit to the FBI here:
[KGVID poster=”” width=”640″ height=”475″][/KGVID]


Other relative Documents and Links:

This is the document that we submitted to the DCCA for investigation:

It also includes Sulla’s extortion letters to pay $375K that Dr. Horowitz did not owe and did not owe him.


The judge at one point tried to claim that we never answered the Motion for Summary Judgment but we did, and here is that filing:


This is our Motion To Disqualify Judge Ronald Ibarra by Affidavit:

For more information, visit: 

Judge Ronald Ibarra, Hawaii judge, paul j sulla jr, paul sulla,, pauls sulla fraud, dr leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane

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