Sen. Rand Paul Conceals AIDS Genes in COVID Spike Protein as Fauci Lies

This video records a classic “Controlled Opposition” governmental/Deep State-controlled deception. This “good cop/bad cop” ploy features Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the supposed “good guy,” challenging the bad guy, Dr. Anthony Fauci, regarding America’s funding of the lab virus “gain of function” creation of the COVID military bioweapon.

Senator Paul, a medical doctor, has done extensive research. He knows all the details, including the smoking guns in Fauci’s e-mails. His intelligence includes evidence that the AIDS virus HIV-1 was used to create the coronavirus “Spike-protein antigen,” that is the crucial synthetic gain-of-function bioweapon innovation.

BUT instead of saying what he knows and can evidence, Paul purposely conceals this fact and diverts to non-sense with gibberish. He fraudulently conceals this intel to secure his political career and evade the Deep State’s wrath. By so doing, he has aided-and-abetted the criminal cover-up, evidencing complicity in the global genocide.