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Professor Oswald’s Group Sues CDC for COVID Cover-up in Virus Testing Fraud


Professor’s Group Sues CDC for Administering the COVID Virus and Testing Deception

Commentary by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

I applaud the candor Dr. Oswald’s group provided, and the lawsuit he and his colleagues have reportedly filed against the CDC, paralleling my efforts in Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al, to bring truth to light for public protection.

It has been my theory that the gravest risk to humanity in history is advancing because substantial science proves AIDS virus (HIV) genetic pieces and proteins are part of the coronavirus/SARS/HIV-1 “spike protein” (“S-protein) complex.

covid cover-upThis mutagenic component is considered the key “antigen” supposedly prompting immunity in vaccinated spreaders. These S-protein antigens are unnaturally mass-produced in labs, and are now spreading through vaccinated people.

These antigenic disease-prompters, multiplied across civilization by Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines and the misinformed people who take them, are destined to weaken human immunity, prompt new autoimmune diseases, and mutate circulating viruses, according to solid science.

I further claim that the actual threat is not the virus, as Dr. Oswald and his cohorts concluded, but rather the great “immunization-deception.” This “genetic therapy” corrupts DNA functioning and causes genetic mutations in people and other viruses contacted.

Thus, to claim a return to “normal life” rests on this Pfizer and Moderna biotechnology is a grave deception, psychological operation (i.e., a PSYOPS), and diversion concealing unfair and deceptive trade committed by a racketeering enterprise with a long history of killing people for profit, politics, and ideology. . . .

The Antigenic “Payload”

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines deliver the “antigenic ‘payload’ that can cause mutations in humans and circulating viruses. This ‘mutagenic component’ is considered the key antigen supposedly prompting “herd immunity” through vaccinated people.

Assuming the virus exists, but doesn’t actually account for the COVID “plague” as Dr. Oswald’s group alleges, the real damages are happening mainly by fraud. The Oswald group attributes most deaths to the flus and other medical susceptibilities All the hype, hysteria, chaos, social impositions, political divisiveness, and financial devastation is ‘Deep State’ imposed. Obviously, something other than what we see is happening behind the scenes.


“In other words, the Spike protein antigens, and the mRNA prompting their manufacture in vaccinated people, may not be the only payload. Hiding behind a cloak of fear, commercial chaos, and divisive politics, is the 4th Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) and its leaders’ interests in controlling populations every way possible.”


The “magicians slight-of-hand routine” is what we are witnessing. We need to urgently diagnose this root cause of global suffering, and effectively treat the criminal psychopaths and their pathogens beyond the symptoms and diversions they cause.

Hidden Neuroscience and Nano-chips

Hidden from view is the advanced MIT neuroscience and revolutionary nano-biotechnology exciting Pfizer and Moderna’s institutional investors’ (i.e., stockholders). They have all invested in these ‘novel’ mRNA vaccines, robotics, and the trans-humanism industry.

If you think your brain is already overwhelmed or overloaded by current events, just wait. Neuroscience and Big Tech’s cyber-treatment is on the way.

No officials, no news networks, nor science experts, are addressing and opposing this deadly deception. As ‘right wing’ networks like FOX desensitize viewers to accept what ‘left wing’ destabilizers broadcast, the actual ‘trick’ remains hidden with devastating damages unfolding.

The COVID vaccinations are increasingly evidenced delivering their genetic “payload” via a hydro-gel envelop. Nano-chips have been scientifically-heralded peppering this payload delivery invention.

In other words, the Spike protein antigens, and the mRNA prompting their manufacture in vaccinated people, may not be the only ‘payload.’ Hiding behind a cloak of fear, commercial chaos, and divisive politics, is the 4th Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) and its leaders’ interests in controlling populations every way possible.

So fret not. Alleged relief is on the way. The financial elite, allied with top military sorcerers, are acting to link human brains to the Cloud with the help of such nano-chips and super-fast/super-genius computers such as IBM’s Watson. This is the great PROMIS in our ‘cyber-space odyssey.’ ‘Hal’ controls everything in Gates’s/Huxley’s fear-filled New World Order.

Trans-humanism encourages totalitarianism and exploits wireless control over every aspect of human existence, depopulation, and extinction.

So there is no culpable virus causing COVID, concludes Dr. Oswald’s group. Just like there is no way that life will ever again return to ‘normal’ as demon-Fauci adores. Everyone is being defrauded and lethally-directed.

The emergence of the suspect virus from Wuhan, and all the controversy and fraud surrounding its origin, distracts from the wizards behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ of Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism pulling all the strings.





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In the video linked HERE, Dr. Robert Gallo is confronted by Dr. Leonard Horowitz at the XI International Conference on AIDS wherein Dr. Gallo was caught lying. Dr. Gallo covered-up his affiliation with Litton Bionetics, the main supplier of genetically-engineered viruses and lab animals from which HIV/AIDS emerged. Today, more than 40 years later, approximately 40 million people have died of AIDS.

Dr. Horowitz’s 1996 National best-selling book titled Emerging Viruses: AIDS and EBOLA: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? was promoted by President Barack Obama’s spiritual advisor, Jeremiah Wright in 2008. The video linked HERE records the minister’s defense concerning statements he made regarding the AIDS virus being man-made to target people of color.

COVID-19 is Bill Gates Scheme


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