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Revolution Television

528 Celebrity Tribute Concert

If you love music, recording artistry, singing and jamming with the best, AND you adore natural healing and need a spiritual and physical “tune up,” you will LOVE “The 528 Celebrity Tribute Concert Experience” produced by award-winning author and filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. This nearly two hours of “medicinal music” is designed to “get you into the zone” of pure “LOVE/528” and miraculous healing that 528 Hertz frequency is famous for (as the “MIracle” note of the ancient Solfeggio scale. This multimedia celebration features either original performances recorded in A=444Hz/C-528Hz, or Dr. Horowitz’s transpositions into the “LOVE frequency”–528Hz (the pitch at the heart of nature and creation). This healing celebratin is performed by you, in concert with Grammy Award winning celebrities and bands. Artists include USA for Africa (“We Are The World”), Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck, Jackson Browne, Prince, Sting and The Police, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, The Marshall Tucker Band, Led Zeppelin, Bette Midler and Wynonna Judd, Hawaii’s recording sensation Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, Willie Nelson and The Highwaymen, George Harrison, John Lennon and many others. Several of these stellar performances were “tuned up” to 528Hz with new technology previously not available. The innovations for “frequency adjustment,” and 528 discoveries, create “medicinal music” for mass healings, community therapy sessions that are entertaining as well as healing, and spiritual awakening. This is not only great for people suffering from physical illnesses, emotional depression, and mental afflictions. Here is the BEST REMEDY for what ails you and nearly everyone–distress and dissonance–delivered for free, courtesy of “Meistro 528”–Dr. Horowitz– and his sponsors:; Medical Veritas International, Inc,,,, and

Since 528 is the “LOVE frequency,” LOVE is the “Universal Healer,” and music is the “Universal Language,” the 528 Celebrity Tribute Concert puts them together to produce a revolution in “musical medicine” perfectly timed to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems and promote happiness and peace in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Why submit to frightful terrorism and deadly diagnoses when you can celebrate love, peace and happiness musically, now globally courtesy of Dr. Horowitz and new technologies.

Give yourself a “tune up” any time you like, and don’t forget to thank and support Dr. Horowitz and our sponsors.

(Note: The 528Hz frequency has been largely secreted, traditionally suppressed and even censored by the recording industry. This humanitarian project aims to reverse this deprivation spiritual love energy. The publisher, Medical Veritas International, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit publishing company that appreciates your donations and reciprocal good will. Donations can be made through Dr. Horowitz’s live events are listed on

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