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Revolution Television

“The HOROKANE” Snags COINTELPRO Agents Rense & Ott in Hate Psyops

“The HOROKANE” is uprooting racial and ethnic hate groups and cultural intolerance by bringing historic exposures of agent provocateurs serving Wall Street’s elite through the CIA/NSA/FBI-administered COINTELPRO–The Counter-Intelligence Program.

The COINTELPRO, thoroughly explained at, with plenty of educational links, produces propaganda for psycho-social control and population management, generates general hypnosis through mass media persuasion, and causes spiritual suppression of the global population by altering the music and electromagnetic energies that most positively sustains biology.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, christened “The HOROKANE” by their adversaries in the COINTELPRO, have been at the forefront of the planet’s most controversial investigative journalism. Their news coverage and commentaries, broadcast widely over the Internet, have covered the world’s best and worst news with greater depth and hard evidence than anyone.

For this reason, The HOROKANE has been heavily targeted for libel, extortion, and commercial annihilation, by many of the most “trusted” alternative news sources and talk show celebrities.

But these journalists are up for the task.

Here, Dr. Leonard Horowitz caught host, Jeff Rense, and the fake “doctor” A. True Ott, who is widely known in the U.S. “Patriot,” “Christian,” and “New Age” communities, in a downright FRAUD!

There has been increasing concern about infiltrations by the COINTELPRO into mainstream and alternative media. Rumors have judged Rense and Ott as “traitors” to truth seekers and spreaders of anti-Jewish hate. But not the hard evidence Dr. Horowitz presents whacks you in the face.

Ott made a big mistake publishing downright lies and libel that Horowitz read and presents here for the Court of Public Opinion.

Programs like this are changing the face of American media and politics. . . . Spread the intelligence.

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