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Revolution Television

Bees Swarming in 528 on Male Cannabis Pollen Pods

A beautiful display of bumble bees swarming at 528Hz frequency most intently about their selected food–male cannabis pollen pods. This video is choreographed with 528 music composed by Dr. Leonard Horowitz for

Some investigators claim bumble bees’ flight is aerodynamically-challenged but accomplished by “levitation” using their vocal resonance chambers. That frequency of sound has been recorded and determined to be 528Hz–the “MIracle Note” of the original Solfeggio musical scale. So the miracle of bees’ flight may be partly explained by this discovery. (Read Dr. Horowitz’s “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE” for more details; and listen to for music transposed or recorded in 528Hz frequency.

The tall cannabis plants shown here also demonstrate the greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll, that fills the air with oxygen. That life-sustaining oxygen resonates, like the bees, in 528nm of light, since the heart of solar radiation is 528nm. This greenish-yellow “color of love” at the heart of rainbows resonates with an “electron of love,” as Dr. Horowitz calls it. This is because the magnesium in the chlorophyll molecule is similarly colored and picks up and reflects that precise color of light that carries the most solar energy into the “windows of your soul”–your eyes.

This video shows bees certainly appear to demonstrate more intelligence than humans in their selection of food, music, and aerospace technologies. Humans have widely discouraged and outlawed cannabis, censored and disparaged 528Hz frequency music, and suppressed Tesla technologies demonstrating free energy.

This video was produced with support from, and the “Conscious Species” Channel broadcasting therein.

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