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The African Forum COVID Genocide Update w/ Prophetic Whistleblower Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz



One April 26, 2020, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz was interviewed on The Africa Forum by host Kabu Maat Kheru. Since then, EVERYTHING the doctor predicted has happened.

Broadcasting from Jamaica, where people are being forced to take the dangerous, damaging, and deadly vaccines; and alternative remedies are being suppressed and ignored, Kabu received many requests from previously astonished listeners to have Dr. Horowitz return to the show for an update.

This is it–a riveting 41 minutes that is one of the most SHOCKING and REVEALING whistleblowing videos you will ever view. If you neglect this intelligence, you are at grave risk of losing your life.

Your life may be short if you take the COVID vaccines. Dr. Horowitz explains why.

According to this Harvard-trained expert in “emerging viruses” and communicable diseases, the criminals who have intentionally loosed the COVID virus (based on their earlier AIDS research and “gain-of-function” developments), “deserve the electric chair.”

Here, Horowitz summarizes his Fauci-e-mail discoveries, and shares facts you will learn for the first time, never covered by any other media.

Dr. Horowitz has been sounding these prophetic accurate alarms for a quarter century. He may be credited for saving millions of lives. Yet, he explains, his frustration as an activist is due to the mass media, social engineering, and ‘captured’ governments whacking civilization in favor of their ‘Deep State’ controllers–agents and agencies he names and evidences from the Fauci e-mails.

If you don’t share this video with your online network, your neglect to prevent others from damage and death is on your hands and soul!

God help everyone ‘conscious’ enough to choose wisely in these ‘End Times’.


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