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The CIA, Bioterror & CIPRO Sales Scam

This excerpt from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s documentary, “IN LIES WE TRUST: THE CIA, HOLLYWOOD & BIOTERRORISM,” features his research and revelations regarding the deadly anthrax mailings, days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers. The evidence strongly indicts the Central Intelligence Agency bioweapons contractors, including the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio as the source of the never-before-seen hyperweaponized mailed anthrax. The FBI and media virtually ceased investigating after William Broad of the New York Times published Dr. Horowitz’s conclusion that the super-lethal anthrax came from only one source capable of producing it–the anthrax experts at Battelle. The Bayer aspirin company that sold CIPRO is heavily implicated in the serial slayings, environmental contaminations, and mass poisonings from the drug that the FDA and CDC fraudulently selected as the exclusive anthrax cure and preventative.

3 Responses

  1. Leonard, as targeted in said event I was treated with cipro at local VA
    medical center and alots been covered up since. It’s amazing I was
    first vaccinated for the big A in 84′ bootcamp but those records deleted and not showing despite shots in both arms with nuematic
    hyperinjectors(?)but also silenced witness to OK cvrup and lastly,like dvd:(in lies we trust), I was also paid extra in Stevan Segal fim Under Seige 2;Dark Territory!Would love help getting more truth out!

  2. Not only in your experience as reported,in In Lies awe Trust, but I
    also witnessed Federal Law Enfocement odered stand downs,as as I
    actually was interrupted and told to keep my mouth shut if I knew what was good for myself as I first tried to relay my information and
    experiences to the newly created office of Department of Homeland
    Security in first part of 02′. I have continued to be silenced through all
    manners of electronical harassment from phone,computer,tv,radio,and directed energy as ears excissive ringing beyond tinnitus even as I type, and please note forced typos above.

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