First Chakra Therapy I – The Root of Grounding



First Chakra Therapy I – The Root of Grounding by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Grounding the Root Chakra can be a most important element in restoring energy flow through the spine from the Crown Chakra down, grounding you to earth like a lightening- bolt grounds the energy in atmospheric turbulence charging the air with negatively charged ozone and electrons.

This dynamic lends balance to the entire human bio-energy vortex system.

Accordingly, this second video in Dr. Horowitz’s series (and system) supplements the first video for grounding your Root Chakra. Here different music is performed in 417Hz that is close to 396Hz used in the opening track. The videos are also different that accompanies the two therapeutic provisions. In addition, for deeper self-healing and instruction, a different set of positive affirmations and prayers supplement your self-help and healing experience.

This musical composition was created composed by the “Maestro of 528Hz” Dr, Horowitz, who pioneered the modern use of the Solfeggio Frequencies for healing with the publication of “Healing Codes for the Bioological Apocalypse in 1998. This is one of his three American bestselling books. The “Solfeggio Frequency Healing Movement” sprang from Dr. Joseph Puleo’s revealing visions published by Dr. Horowitz at “Joey’s” urging in 1998.

Prior to that Dr. Horowitz worked as an oral surgeon and alternative medicine clinic director in the Boston area. He authored “Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Throught Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science” in 1999 used by thousand of health professionals today who integrated his powerful healing protocol.

This track, titled “Spirit Energy Rising”” is the second recording in the “Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica” album. The doctor produced the album to transcend the limited “’New Age’ Genre” applications of the Solfeggio musical scale.

Solfeggio Eclectica includes eleven (11) multi-genre music therapy tracks complemented by multi-media presentations featuring positive affirmations, color therapy, and captivating video for self-healing, relaxation, or invigorating exercise depending on the track you select and chakra you choose to treat.


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