Seventh Chakra Therapy 852Hz



Seventh Chakra Therapy 852Hz by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Balancing the Seventh Chakra governing your connection to God can be one of the most spiritually-empowering and enabling exercises you will ever do. Building your relationship with God, faithfully and thankfully engaging your Maker, and always resonating with the LOVE in your heart, is awesome! This is done by “phase locking into the Creator’s LOVE for you and all creation. This “love light” presents the purest, quintessential, metaphysical experience to be celebrated and practiced in every spiritual journey.

Blocks or imbalances in this Seventh Chakra energy vortex have also been reported to cause headaches and mental disorders. So clearing out this confusion and dissonance illuminates the darkness in you and remedies it. The darkness and blockage in your Crown Chakra disables your super-human light of the Holy Spirit or God’s LOVE. This is always pouring down from heaven seeking a direct link to you and your heart especially. Opening, balancing, purifying and exercising your Crown Chakra connection to God can be most beneficial in many ways.

Accordingly, this :”Seventh Chakra Therapy” multimedia experience in Dr. Horowitz’s “Solfeggio Eclectica” series supplements and supports the earlier chakra therapy because the Crown Chakra energy flows powerfully down your balanced chakra system to move down into the ground, grounding your with the Creator’s LOVE-power. This secures the fuel for balancing all your body energy governing your health and well-being, and also rejuvenating you, your body organs, tissues and cells. All bio-molecules from your DNA on up is recharged mainly this way.

This video exercise balances and expanding your Seventh Chakra with music is performed in 852Hz exclusively, supplemented by positive prayers and affirmations. Timely tuning fork strikes evidence this special creative Solfegio frequency composition. The 852Hz tuning fork strike demonstrates the key of F in this composition. The sound track is appropriately named, “The Bridge” (that connects you to God), The beautiful graphs show many of the most acclaimed spiritual art masterpieces in history. Listening and/or viewing, whether lying down or “ecstatic dancing” can enhance your therapeutic experience..

These positive affirmations and prayers include many of the ones Solfeggio music pioneer, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, uses himself. These powerful verbal and/or visual ques may shift your life by changing your inner feelings and thoughts about yourself and your relationship with God. You are likely to experience positive change as a result of this therapy. Increased spiritual energy, self-awareness, and choice-making empowerment is likely to be affected This can impact your outer (social) world as well as your inner world of feels, emotions, thought patterns, attitudes about God and spirituality, your personal habits and behaviors, may all be positively affected.

This musical composition was created by Dr, Horowitz–the “Maestro of 528Hz”– who launched the modern use of the Solfeggio frequencies for healing with the publication of “Healing Codes for the Bioological Apocalypse” in 1998. This book is one of the doctor’s three American bestselling books. The “Solfeggio Frequency Healing Movement” sprang from Dr. Joseph Puleo’s revealing visions published by Dr. Horowitz at “Joey’s” urging in 1998.

Prior to that Dr. Horowitz worked as an oral surgeon and alternative medicine clinic director in the Boston area. He authored “Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science” in 1999 used by thousand of health professionals today who integrated his powerful healing protocol. His latest book in this field–“The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love” has been acclaimed by musicians, vocalists, and natural healers globally. This production, “The Bridge,” celebrates the Creator’s power and gift of Holy Spirit-filled anointing, resonating with the “creative frequency” of 852Hz–the “LA” note of the Solfeggio scale.

“The Bridge” is the eighth provision in the “Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica” album that Dr. Horowitz produced to transcend the limited “’New Age’ Genre” view and applications of the Solfeggio.

The “Solfeggio Eclectica” album includes eleven (11) multi-genre music therapy tracks accompanied by multi-media presentations featuring, like experienced here, positive affirmations, color therapy, and pleasingly hypnotic video for deeper self-healing, relaxation, or invigorating exercising, depending on your mood and the track you select. What chakra do you choose to balance, or need healed? You’ll find it in “Solfeggio Eclectica.”


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