Sixth Chakra Therapy 741Hz



<strong>Sixth Chakra Therapy 741Hz by Dr. Leonard Horowitz</strong>

This video provides sixth chakra therapy produced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, supplementing his “Solfeggio Eclectica” album. Overactive throat chakras are commonly seen in people who speak before they think, causing hurtful arguments. Weak throat chakras disable people from speaking their truth clearly and assertively. Throat chakra imbalances are also seen when people have trouble articulating their thoughts clearly. Miscommunications and frustrations result. This video follows the fifth chakra therapy video and music track titled “Blue Moana.” That composition and music video is recorded in the Solfeggio frequency 639Hz, whereas this soundtrack is recorded in 741Hz. 741Hz is associated with, and used to balance, the “third eye” and pineal gland energy vortex.

There are 11 original musical compositions in Dr. Horowitz’s Solfeggio Electica album. His multi-medial therapeutic video program includes 9 videos ideal for use at home or in professional offices for frequency rehabilitation.

The long-playing album includes delightful tracks made with myriad instruments and orchestral arrangements featuring the six (6) of nine (9) “core creative frequencies” fundamental to nature, sustainability, and natural healing. You can listen to samples of these tracks by viewing the corresponding video trailer.

These therapeutic tracks include the complete set of Solfeggio frequencies, including 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852 Hertz. Dr. Horowitz recommends using the non-Solfeggio frequency of 432Hz to treat second (sacral) chakra imbalances.


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