Fifth Chakra Therapy “Blue Moana” (639hz) by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz narrated by Sherri Kane



Narrated Version-
This is the Fifth Chakra music video therapy program produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and narrated by Sherri Kane.

Balancing the Fifth Chakra governing your voice, throat, and mouth can be the best thing you can do for building better relationships, including your relationship with your Self. Your throat chakra governs energy used in expressing clearly, wisely, and assertively, or alternatively aggressively and angrily, your positions. It can, if not ‘balanced,’ damage you and others in your life.

The “Throat Chakra” affects more than your communication skills and loved ones. Restoring energy flow here also helps energize and express the good qualities of your heart and mind–the two chakras (i.e., energy vortices) neighboring this Fifth Chakra fueling oral health and righteous speech.

This throat energy vortex obviously impacts your whole person, just as your smile impacts your life and relationships. The entire human psycho-social bio-spiritual system either gains positive energy from this important energy center, or negativity and evil gets communicated freezing your heart, troubling your mind, and condemning you to a shallow joyless life wherein deep satisfaction and success is elusive.

Accordingly, this “Fifth Chakra Therapy” video in Dr. Horowitz’s “Solfeggio Eclectica” series supplements and supports the earlier, Fourth Chakra Therapy, and lays the foundation for balancing your Sixth Chakra governing your intellect and spiritual orientation.

This video exercise provides multi-media stimulation for balancing and expanding your Fifth Chakra energy. Here music is performed in 639Hz exclusively, supplemented by timely tuning fork strikes. Listening carefully at the beginning of the track reveals the first 639Hz tuning fork strike that demonstrates the D# key of this composition. The composition is appropriately named, “Blue Moana” (meaning “Blue Ocean” in Hawaiian) reflecting the beauty of surf riders playing between blue sea and sky. The blue was selected because the Fifth Chakra and 639Hz music resonates this color. Self-healing affirmations, prayers, and psycho-therapeutic instructions are provided to enhance your therapeutic experience..

The positive affirmations and prayers narrated by Sherri Kane in this segment provides self-help conditioning for balancing and opening your voice with optimal assertiveness. Why is this useful? This powerful experience may shift your life by changing your inner insecure feelings and thoughts about yourself, and communication habits. Passive people permit aggressive people to dominate them. This dynamic is likely to change as a result of this therapy and increased self-awareness and choice-making (self-regulation behavior). This can impact your outer (social) world.

This musical composition was created by the “Maestro of 528Hz” Dr, Horowitz, who pioneered the modern use of the Solfeggio frequencies for healing with the publication of “Healing Codes for the Bioological Apocalypse” in 1998. This book is one of the doctor’s three American bestselling books. The “Solfeggio Frequency Healing Movement” sprang from Dr. Joseph Puleo’s revealing visions published by Dr. Horowitz at “Joey’s” urging in 1998.

Prior to that Dr. Horowitz worked as an oral surgeon and alternative medicine clinic director in the Boston area. He authored “Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science” in 1999 used by thousand of health professionals today who integrated his powerful healing protocol. His latest book in this field–“The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love” has been acclaimed by musicians, vocalists, and natural healers globally.

“Blue Moana” is the sixth provision in the “Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica” album that Dr. Horowitz produced to transcend the limited “’New Age’ Genre” view and applications of the Solfeggio musical scale. The “Solfeggio Eclectica” album includes eleven (11) multi-genre music therapy tracks accompanied by multi-media presentations featuring, like experienced here, positive affirmations, color therapy, and pleasingly hypnotic video for deeper self-healing, relaxation, or invigorating exercising, depending on your mood and the track you select. What chakra do you choose to balance, or need healed? You’ll find it in “Solfeggio Eclectica.”


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