Revolution Television

Revolution Television


“The Government’s New ‘Plan’ to Defraud Everyone About Delaying the TMT–the Perfect Strategic Military ‘WarScope’ in the Concealed Pacific Defense Against China and Russia”


Rock The Boat Hawaii Radio Show – Segment Nine–Posted Oct. 3rd, 2019, and aired on Shaka 96.7 FM, Saturday morning, 8-9 a.m, Oct. 5th.

Hosted by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz & Sherri Kane (‘The HOROKANE’)

Special Music – Rise Up by Ryan Hiraoka-

This segment is supplemented by the article appearing on titled: “TMT Military Secrets Revealed: Hawaii’s Military Controllers Bankroll the Thirty Meter Telescope, Rail Project and Public Fraud.”

This segment, as well as The HOROKANE’s video’s SPACE PEARL HARBOR, and SPACEGATE: The Militarization for Sacred Mauna Kea, are offered in solidarity with with protectors laying their lives on the line for humanity and the Mauna.

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