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SPACE PEARL HARBOR VIDEO: The Treason and Deception on Mt. Mauna Kea

“Shocking,” “Riveting,” “Deeply Disturbing,” and “outstanding journalism,” is how viewers have described this Space Pearl Harbor Video.

Due to the unprecedented nature of this production, and its potential geopolitical impact, viewer discretion is both advised, and ill-advised. Although you will not like what you are about to hear (unless you oppose American “exceptionalism” and capitalism) this 39-minute public service message, produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and featuring co-host Sherri Kane and many members of the Big Island “Free Mauna Kea” community, should be viewed and distributed by every citizen who is concerned about living in the “free world.”

This film documents gross civil rights abuses violating the human rights of native Hawaiians protesting to secure their own sacred land. Shockingly, this professionally produced educational video: 1) has been CENSORED on the main websites claimed to help “Free Mauna Kea” and 2) records and predicts China’s overthrow of U.S. military dominance over the “high ground” of space using the technology on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Regardless of the controversy and censorship, the “space race” now challenges America’s (and the Western World’s) nuclear missile defenses, and enables “death ray” strikes most accurately to within 3 feet of targets anywhere on earth in “real time.”

Clearly, most people have a hard time conceiving of this reality. Many wish to dismiss these matters as simply “conspiracy theory.” Most people living in their own “free world” are comfortable living in denial about such harsh realities determining global politics, economics, military dominance, and related risks to humanity.

“The HOROKANE’s” Space Pearl Harbor video investigation and report began with their friends pleading with them to cover this unfolding story and concealed evidence. Realizing the importance of what the TMT project was really about, beyond the guise of “science” and “astronomy,” these veteran journalists and opponents to political repression, who live on the Big Island, responded as any dutiful American and reputable reporter would, exposing the shocking secreted truths.

Incredibly, rather than appreciating this intelligence and heroic public service, administrators of the major social media websites supposedly supporting the “Free Mauna Kea” movement CENSORED this publication, and blocked related blog posts.

“Fear and defensive denial is deadly,” Dr. Horowitz explains in response to the censorship. “Fear and defensive denial is a major part of the social psychopathology that is killing us, whether we oppose GMOs or covert military operations developed to kill people or defend our country. Fear and defensive denial divides people politically, and is purposely administered by the media through propaganda. This primary function of the corporate-controlled media enables genocidal impositions to be administered most effectively and profitably. Sadly, even people who have taken the lead in administering the social media on behalf of the ‘Free Mauna Kea” Movement are steeped in this fear, defensive denial, and self-defeating psychosocial pathology. The good news is this case presents a great opportunity to study this classic hypocrisy.”

Sherri Kane replied similarly against her “Free Mauna Kea” movement critics and censors who have aided-and-abetted the TMT cover-up and construction alliance. “The hypocrisy and ignorance of those who oppose truth tellers telling shocking truths that could set people free from this political, commercial, and military imposition, is disgusting,” Kane said. “Counter-intelligence propagandists peppering the social media with mixed-messages are paid to divert discussions from critical issues involving shocking facts to confuse people, to generate apathy, as opposed to promoting effective activism.”

“Our greatest critics and censors are obviously ignorant or malicious hypocrites,” Kane continued. “Many of them work to disparage us as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ but remain clueless about laws prohibiting criminal conspiracies. A great example of this hypocrisy is the conspiracy between the sugar, pineapple, and U.S. military industrialists occupying the Hawaiian islands. These agents have damaged the Hawaiian people and culture for the past century. Yet this “conspiracy” is neglected by these online-idiots.”

Most critics of this DVD appear to be jealous that they don’t have the resources, public support, and intelligence to produce the unparallelled journalism that HOROKANE contributes here. So they disparage the couple, and censor their publications, resulting in their own ineffectiveness. These purported activists damage the entire free Mauna Kea Movement.

“Believe me,” Dr. Horowitz added, “we have many vitally important projects on our desks, including the “528 Revolution.” Publishing for ‘self-interest’ to sell books is obviously not our purpose, as anyone familiar with my seventeen earlier books and five documentary films can see. So our critics and censors simply use this ‘red-herring’ to confuse people and damage everyone working to secure a better world.”

Protestors who are opposed to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the Big Island of Hawaii have been undermined from within their own ranks by the aforementioned diversions. They have missed the most important defense brought to light by HOROKANE–the fraudulent concealment of military connections voiding the construction and land lease contracts.

The TMT plan calls for sharing “astronomy technology” with “partner” China. The “sharing” includes the world’s most advanced military optical technology falsely claimed by officials to have “no connection at all to the military.” In fact, investigators and whistleblowers working with HOROKANE discovered scientific and technical reports proving the TMT’s irrefutable connections to the Department of Defense and U.S. Air Force’s Lincoln Labs that pioneered the “Advanced Optics” (AO) that presents its users with the most advanced “Star Wars” capabilities for nuclear supremacy.

Worse than defrauding the public, State and federal officials committed treason against the United States of America that is at war with China’s allies, and very likely, very soon, China as well. This outstanding journalism and heroism vets the Governing Board of the University of Hawaii, officials of the Hawaii Department of Lands and Natural Resources, and many others who neglected, or purposely concealed, irrefutable evidence that U.S. defense secrets, including the TMT’s “eye,” enables the most advanced satellite targeting capabilities putting world citizens at grave risk from China’s “partnership” in the project. This “partnership,” the TMT project, and America’s poor leadership, seriously endangers U.S. National Security.

This shocking “conspiracy reality” defrauds people internationally, and amounts to treason on Mt. Mauna Kea. The TMT project, and the technology transfers concealed therein, presents a clear and present danger to American citizens, military personnel, and all allies abroad, if this project is not stopped by global protests.

Should this program continue, and war breaks out between China and the United States as many officials are now threatening, global fascism administered militarily from space is a certainty.

Please view and discuss this shocking and enlightening video with your friends, students, and communities.

For more info visit:

and Check out the Space Pearl Harbor e-book HERE

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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation and thank you for connecting the dots in this US Military Industrial Complex has done; caused hate against Americans who are clueless about the facts and true history of Hawaii and Polynesia…True China is not innocent in all of this and neither are those in India…who fund the TMT…My aloha goes out to two Americans who are good people who are educating the world about Hawaii, more than Hawaiians have been able to do themselves for we are surrounded by the enemy…I know this much, WHEN WE Put peace first for all of us to live that way robs the US Military Complex of their thirst for WAR is so sad!

    As Hawaiians we will stand on PEACE as the only solution for all mankind to survive on and in the our Mother, earth . SPEAK TO ME ABOUT PEACE ON EARTH FOREVER!

    Aloha Aina,

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