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The Crime of Global Genocide: A Life-Saving Carl Nelson Interview of Dr Leonard G. Horowitz

global genocideThe Crime of Global Genocide: A Life-Saving Carl Nelson Interview with Dr Leonard G. Horowitz

(Aired; 11-19-19)

This illustrated interview of Harvard-trained public health expert and vaccination-intoxication opponent, the award-winning author and filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz by Black America’s leading voice, Carl Nelson, of  WOL News Talk, Washington, DC. is guaranteed to give you life-saving and empowering knowledge to avoid dying of the mounting global genocide.

Nelson has interviewed presidents, prime ministers, heads of state, celebrities, civic leaders and people from all walks of life over a four-decade career that has taken him from Nelson Mandela’s prison cell in South Africa, to the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles. His present Dick Gregory Carl Nelsoncareer as host of Washington DC’s widely listened-to most provocative daily radio program (on WOL-AM; 1450).

The iconic celebrity, comedian, and civil rights activist Dick Gregory connected Nelson to Horowitz.

As anger, outrage, aggression and protests flared across America in opposition to racism, demoralizing and destroying the fabric of African culture and spirituality in America, Carl Nelson and Dr. Horowitz (in previous shows) advanced alternatives to the unrest.

Horowitz is the author of nineteen books, six documentary films, and nearly three dozen scientific peer-reviewed articles addressing health risks and ways to immunize people against propaganda and related media abuses.

If Dr. Horowitz’s production of ‘Vaccination Depopulation: Bill Gates, FOX News, and Profitable Manslaughter’ held you attention, view this extraordinary and FREE graphically illustrated hour-long talk radio program.

The Crime of Global Genocide: A Life-Saving Carl Nelson Interview of Dr Leonard G. Horowitz was produced by Horowitz–the world’s most prolific opponent to the Deep State’s and their Big Pharma’s corruption and governmental dysfunction. Here the doctor, who is a trained science scholar, lays out the evidence for this unconscionable indictment.

global genocide
Click to view “The Great Vaccine Debate 2015”.

Gross hypocrisy in news network programming of the “vaccination debate” prompted Dr. Horowitz to contribute several outstanding productions that condemn Bill Gates and Microsoft[MS]NBC, FOX News (i.e., Rupert Murdoch & family), and other pro-vaccination depopulation enthusiasts. Dr. Horowitz ‘s unparalleled discoveries and disclosures here and elsewhere raise life-threatening and life-saving concerns embraced by the world’s most intelligent genocide objectors.

This video should be heralded and circulated for FREE VIEWING along with his earlier productions freely viewable on (after being censored by Google/YouTube and as a ‘Public Duty.’ Help people in need of honest intel avoid vaccines and stay healthy. Reject the deadly Anglo-American medical mindset. Listen to, view, and read Dr. Horowitz’s world-leading alerts, warnings, and preventative recommendations.

Take this article, for example. Dr. Horowitz considers global genocide in the context of “vaccination intoxication” and the “ten stages of genocide” as detailed by the honorable president of Genocide Watch, Gregory H. Stanton.

global genocideThe doctor considers ten stages of global genocide as ‘legal elements’ indicting government and industry officials for the crime of genocide attributable to vaccines and their side effects, especially cancers.

Horowitz calls this ‘injecticide,’ with each of the vaccines being used as “genocidal weapons of mass depopulation” as detailed in his award-winning book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? and award-winning film, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro. This film won five international awards, including “Best Film–2016” in London and Geneva, at World International Film Festival competitions.

Dr. Horowitz objects to pro-vaccination forces that are persecuting and prosecuting the un-vaccinated. Officials have begun stealing properties and conducting massacres.

Examples of property theft include parents having their homes taken and estates stolen by social service agents, prosecutors and judges persecuting, prosecuting, and robbing parents of their children and lives.

In so far as the secreted vaccine-cancer links, the incriminating denials can be viewed in the white-washing by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) regarding the hepatitis B vaccine origin of HIV/AIDS under the Merck & Co.’s SVCP Contract 71-2059, as Horowitz published several times.

Vaccine cancer links are the most damaging censored truths committed to advance the Deep State’s global genocide. No government agency or corporate-controlled media has permitted discussions in this field. That is why Dr. Horowitz produced this video and the aforementioned production of UN-VAXXED.

Intelligence sources that previously permitted vaccine controversies to be considered (due to weak resistance and easily ‘neutralized’ critics) have now suspended such debate due to the explosion of opposition occurring worldwide. As an alternative strategy, to conceal the government’s and media’s complicity in the worsening genocide, these sources have suppressed science on the vaccine cancer links.

I share this intelligence as the most censored consumer health and safety activist on this matter of vaccine-cancer links, the Editor-in-Chief of, and author of the best-selling scientific investigation into the man-made origin of the HIV/AIDS laboratory-creation.

Support for this production and Dr. Horowitz’s other brilliant works was provided by people like you, subscribers of the free newsletter,, and patrons of,,, and

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