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PBS Hawaii interviews Dr Leonard Horowitz in the Greatest Vaccine Debate in history

PBS Hawaii interviews Dr Leonard Horowitz in the Greatest Vaccine Debate in history

Shattering the Intoxication Paradigm

Honolulu, HI – PBS Hawaii confused and frightened viewers with a live program debating whether all healthy children must be vaccinated or otherwise quarantined if any outbreak occurs. The INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII show featured four of the nations leading analysts, two pro, and two con, who debated the controversial matter most candidly.
Dr. Leonard Horowitz ON PBS HAWAII
America’s bio-defense chief, Sarah Park, and Senator Josh Green, Hawaii’s Health Committee chairman, got slammed for consumer fraud and conflicting interests in the genetically-modified vaccine industry; concealing, among other things, Monsanto and parent-company network sponsor Pfizer—a repeat offender fined the largest criminal damage award for fraud in U.S. history.

Vetting the “con,” and the widespread crime, leading anti-vaccinationists, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Janet Edghill, disclaimed the program as part of a national campaign to deceive parents into vaccinating children by smearing better-informed resistors, marginalizing them as “crazy” for rejecting the “intoxicating injections” and expressing legitimate religious, philosophical, and medical concerns.

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  1. There has NEVER been a study done on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children in any way shape or form. If we cares we would do studies including including longevity, cancer, autoimmune, neurological and other health factors. Congressman Dan Burton, I believe has asked for these studies from the CDC time and time again. Yet they refuse. Why?

    Not one vaccine has been studied for it’s carcinogenic effect or reproductive effect on humans. Why?

    Serious questions that need serious answers.

  2. BTW…there is 50,000 times the amount of Thimerosal in the flu shot than is safe for fish to swim in, according to the MSDS sheet for Thimerosal (49% mercury by weight). But we are okay injecting it into newborn babies, elderly, and pregnant women.

    Mercury was MOSTLY removed from all other vaccines, however, it was replaced with…wait for it…Aluminum. And if a child gets ALL their vaccines by 18 months of age? 5,000 mcg or 5 mg of aluminum. FDA website says: “The FDA study found that the maximum amount of aluminum an infant could be exposed to over the first year of life would be 4.225 milligrams (mg), based on the recommended schedule of vaccines.” What? They base this “safe” number on the recommended schedule of vaccines and not science? Hmmm…

    The CDC says: “We do not know if aluminum will cause birth defects in people. Birth defects have not been seen in animals. Very young animals appeared weaker and less active in their cages and some movements appeared less coordinated when their mothers were exposed to large amounts of aluminum during pregnancy and while nursing.
    In addition, aluminum also affected the animal’s memory. These effects are
    similar to those that have been seen in adults.” Wait a minute, they said that birth defects were not seen, but memory and less coordination? Hmmm…sound like autism anyone?

  3. hey, Leonard, it won’t let me play any of your videos or radio programs. I will go on you tube and see what I can find, and if that makes a difference.

  4. Thank you Dr. Len!! Too bad they didn’t let you talk that much. You make good points, but if you get another chance, please mention that vaccines for any given disease are at an all time lows when the pharmaceutical companies come out and introduce them!! I am so sick of the “vaccine ‘preventable’ lie” propagated from the INDUSTRY. Keep up the good work. Some of these doctors are SO brain washed, it is not funny. I would like to see how THEY would feel if it was THEIR child who was permanently damaged beyond recovery. I am glad you got to say how the vaccine by-passes the natural immune response. I really wonder, tho, if they even heard you! If you check out Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website, she just recently put up an article on how measles was declared a MILD illness back when most kids did get it! These FDA promoters will have people believing that the measles was deadly. And you make an excellent point about NATURAL HEALTH. These doctors think they have the entire “market” on the only way to care for illnesses. I find it interesting that David Rockefeller who introduced “allopathic” medicine used a “naturopathic” doctor for himself!! Go figure. Use that one next time if you get a chance.

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