The Medical Salvation Presentation by Dr. Leonard Horowitz



“The Medical Salvation Presentation is Extraordinary”

Never in the history of medicine has anyone advanced such paradigm-shattering intelligence, based on the sacred secreted musical-mathematics of creation, as Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz broadcasts here. This freely viewed riveting program was produced by Medical Veritas International, Inc.* to serve world health, peace, and freedom. This production, created by community activists from Seeds of Truth in Honolulu, Medical Veritas International, Inc. and Hawaii’s Olelo Community Media, may be one of the most revealing, spiritually-inspiring, and emotionally-uplifting health lectures you will ever attend.

Dr. Horowitz “blows out” medical misconceptions and misrepresentations in his edu-taining two hour performance before a “packed house.” In an era of urgency in healthcare in America and beyond, Dr. Horowitz details the only reasonable solutions to the world’s worst problems in science and medicine, beginning with the “separation of church and state,” affecting both science and faith in God.

Truly, Dr. Horowitz’s presentation, a virtual “wake-up call” to health professionals and consumers internationally, is accurately titled “The Medical Salvation Presentation.”

* Medical Veritas International, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax deductible charity. For more programs like this, please contribute whatever you can through


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