Criminal Foundations Fraudulent Humanitarian Organizations



Criminal Foundations Fraudulent Humanitarian Organizations


Solutions are available today for civilization’s worst problems—wars, starvation and dehydration, infectious diseases, and environmental pollution—these nightmares are awaiting widespread diagnosis and treatment with new sustainable and sustaining technologies.

But these remedies for what ails us are being blocked by political and financial special interests. Multinational corporations and the wealthiest most powerful industrialists value profits more than people, risking lives, and destroying our natural resources.

Fraudulent “Humanitarian” Organizations and the Myth of “Non-profit” Educational Institutions is a remarkable feature-length multimedia presentation by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz—the world’s best credentialed, most prolific and controversial pharmaceutical industry whistle-blower, these commercial interests are exposed for contriving “population problems:” environmental sabotage, atmospheric pollution generating “global warming,” poisoning consumer products to allegedly serve “higher living standards,” and drugs and arms rackets to assure “national security.” From HIV/AIDS policy to dealing with “natural disasters,” propaganda justifies and secures a continued course of social and environmental degeneration, while people are conned into donating money and time to organizations like the “American Red [Double] Cross” and the National Cancer Society.

In this new film, Dr. Horowitz presents compelling evidence and arguments that this status quo injustice is imposed mainly by the public’s mindset. The way people think is shaped by the media and “non-profit” institutions and foundations, public education, attitudes, values, and lifestyles. Everything has been compromised to accommodate “crisis capitalism” and corporate control over globalization and political impositions that have turned people against people, nations against nations, and man against nature.

This film is must viewing for people who know something is terribly wrong with the way the world is operating, can’t quite figure out what, and seek practical solutions to advance a healthier more sustainable life and generally prosperous and peaceful planet.

This film was produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz by invitation of officials of the World Organization for Natural Medicine, in association with The Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, and Medical Veritas International.


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