Fourth Chakra Therapy Bee in LOVE



Fourth Chakra Therapy Bee in LOVE by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Balancing the Fourth Chakra governing the Heart can be the most loving therapy you can administer. The “Heart Chakra” affects more than your love life. Restoring energy flow here activates the good qualities of the heart including joy, faith, and bravery.

from your core choice-making and confidence raising vortex located in your naval area.

This energy vortex also impacts the organism. The entire human psycho-social bio-spiritual system either gains positive energy from the heart and heart health, or negativity and evil sets in to freeze your heart, condemning you to a shallow joyless life wherein deep satisfaction and success is elusive.

Accordingly, this :”Fourth Chakra Therapy” video in Dr. Horowitz’s “Solfeggio Eclectica” series provides multi-media stimulation for balancing and expanding Heart Chakra energy. Here music is performed in 528Hz exclusively, supplemented by buzzing bees known to buzz at 528Hz. Listening carefully at the beginning of the track reveals both 528Hz tuning fork and the sound of buzzing bees. The composition is appropriately named, “Bee in LOVE.”

This music is supplemented by captivating video of bumble bees collecting pollen from male cannabis plants gloriously radiating in 528nm greenish yellow–the color of chlorophyll that fills the air with oxygen. Self-healing affirmations, prayers, and psycho-therapeutic instructions are provided also.

The positive affirmations and prayers provide a self-help exercise for balancing and opening your heart. This powerful experience often shifts lives by changing inner feelings and thoughts (self-regulation behavior) and impacting your outer (social) world.

This musical composition was created by the “Maestro of 528Hz” Dr, Horowitz, who pioneered the modern use of the Solfeggio frequencies for healing with the publication of “Healing Codes for the Bioological Apocalypse” in 1998. This book is one of the doctor’s three American bestselling books. The “Solfeggio Frequency Healing Movement” sprang from Dr. Joseph Puleo’s revealing visions published by Dr. Horowitz at “Joey’s” urging in 1998.

Prior to that Dr. Horowitz worked as an oral surgeon and alternative medicine clinic director in the Boston area. He authored “Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine, and Modern Science” in 1999 used by thousand of health professionals today who integrated his powerful healing protocol. His latest book in this field–“The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love” has been acclaimed by musicians, vocalists, and natural healers globally. This production, “Bee in LOVE,” celebrates nature’s selection of 528Hz/nm at the heart of the sound and color spectrums.

“Bee in LOVE” is the fifth provision in the “Solfeggio (Healing Frequencies) Eclectica” album that Dr. Horowitz produced to transcend the limited “’New Age’ Genre” view and applications of the Solfeggio musical scale. The “Solfeggio Eclectica” album includes eleven (11) multi-genre music therapy tracks accompanied by multi-media presentations featuring, like experienced here, positive affirmations, color therapy, and pleasingly hypnotic video for deeper self-healing, relaxation, or invigorating exercises depending on your mood and the track you select. What chakra do you choose to balance, or need healed?


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