Dr. Horowitz’s IATROGENOCIDE PRESENTATION before the American Association for Naturopathic Medicine



In this riveting, graphically-illustrated, 4-hour monumental presentation before the American Association for Naturopathic Medicine in 2005,  Dr. Horowitz shows why he is internationally known for being the most articulate and prolific critic of Big Pharma, drug side effects, and complicit government officials in the world, as he opposes humanity’s suffering and depopulation by ignorance and medical mischief.

In this presentation, the Harvard-trained expert in public health and emerging diseases evidences the nefarious tinkering with microbial, plant, animal, and human biology befitting a conspiracy to place profits before people and population control before compassionate medicine.

Dr. Horowitz documents the man-made origins of the world’s most deadly viruses and illnesses. He demonstrates, like no one has ever done, academic and political malfeasance and reckless irresponsibility undermining public health and medical safety. He explains why the massive killing and injuring of people through contaminated vaccines, intoxicated blood-supplies, injurious drugs, poisoned waters, polluted airways, lethal chemicals, and genetically modified foods, is genocide; that is, the mass killing, injuring, and pharmaceutical-enslaving of people for profit and politics. Add to this physician-induced illnesses from negligence, ignorance, and lethal drug side effects, and you will understand the term “IATROGENOCIDE!”

This graphically-illustrated performance provides compelling examples of “IATROGENOCIDE” as Dr. Horowitz draws on his quarter century of research and numerous award-winning books and films, including his American bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? This historic lecture includes:

* the origin of AIDS from biological weapons labs to gay Americans and African villagers;
* exploding cancer rates that were predicted and expedited by health officials;
* heart disease scams responsible for hundreds-of-thousands of deaths;
* new flu-like illnesses linked to military experiments; and
* the diabetic pandemic sourcing from medical-industrial malfeasance.

Dr. Horowitz exposes all of these dangers and more in this urgent plea for scientific integrity, health professional sanity, and more public scrutiny.

Get your medical and public libraries to make this video available. Alert schools and universities, especially activist student bodies, to get and show this compelling presentation. Use it as a fund-raiser or to stimulate discussions. The “wake-up call” saves lives.

CORRECTION: The term “IATROGENOCIDE” Dr. Horowitz believed he had invented in early 2005. Subsequently, he learned that his honorable predecessor, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, had invented the term years before.


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