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WORLD WAR Z MOVIE REVIEW Zombie Marketing a’la Big Pharma by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

World War Z reviewer David Denby wrote for the “sophisticated” New Yorker, “The movie, . . . written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and a host of collaborators, evokes the hectic density of modern life; it stirs fears of plague and anarchy, and the feeling that everything is constantly accelerating. At times, it has the tone and the tempo of panic.”

Denby’s concealed “collaborators” included Paramount Pictures’ Sumner Redstone— World War Z’s chief producer and Big Pharma shill—directed by the “intelligence community” (mainly MI6 and the CIA), on behalf of the banking cartel that funds “programming;” otherwise called propaganda and “social engineering” for “protection” and accelerated global depopulation.

In this movie review, these two investigative journalists, seasoned in exposing secrets kept by the drug cartel directing Hollywood, present a wiser take on “Zombie Mania” than the mainstream or independent media provides.

“The HOROKANE,” so named by America’s most wanted neo-Nazi undesirables who were offended by the couple’s journalism, produced PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME STING OF PENN & TELLER—a feature-length docu-comedy exposing “BULLSHIT” magicians Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller disappearing respectability in the entertainment industry, concealing special interests for Big Pharma.

Unlike Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!, produced by Sumner Redstone’s SHOWTIME, World War Z is not simply engaging and deceptive, but a classic Hollywood PSYOPS designed to sell vaccinations and depopulation on behalf of the United Nations and World Health Organization—sham institutions, really “fronts” for advancing “globalization” a’ la David Rockefeller, Sumner Redstone, fellow media moguls, Rupert Murdoch and Mortimer Zuckerman, and other Anglo-American elitists in New York’s infamous Partnership for New York City.

Watch this movie review by “The HOROKANE” and wake up if you are still asleep or under the influence. Naysayers, neighbors, family, and friends with appreciate this wake up call.

Redstone, like other Rockefeller/Rothschild cronies, is up to his eyeballs in disease industry profits. These Wizards of Wall Street have so much money to give away, why not give it to Hollywood to expand their markets for arms sales and drug deaths.

Take Redstone’s “polio eradication” campaign, for example. That disease was supposed to have been terminated years ago, even in the Third World, but today Paramount Pictures boss Redstone feels his $118 million investment in polio vaccinations is honorable, much like Bill Gates’s “immunization donations.” They know the pay off in profitable depopulation is certain.

Come get your free vaccines ladies and gentlemen.

What do you get for free in this world run by these venture capitalists? GENOCIDE—the mass killing or enslaving of people by vaccine-induced injuries and illnesses, including cancers, like HIV/AIDS.

These are long term most profitable means for effecting population control. (Click here for the real truth about “polio eradication” falsely associated with the Salk and Sabin vaccine campaigns, albeit on Vimeo—another Redstone company.)

Little did you know that Redstone, according to Forbes, is wealthier than David Rockefeller, Sr?

Forbes did not mention, however, that Rockefeller is doing a better job concealing his massive wealth and power through “fronts” like the United Nations and WHO that promote forced vaccinations and TB skin tests for “high risk populations.”

In fact, compared to the Rockefeller family fortune, Redstone’s wealth pales by comparison. A brief review of their histories is enlightening concerning the “old money” managers for the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking-cartel directed by the Rockefellers through the CIA and “National Security” industry including the treasury.
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