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Revolution Television

Where is the Love in 528

This video presents Black Eyed Pea’s rap classic, “Where is the Love,” ORIGINALLY RECORDED in the “LOVE Frequency” of 528Hz. This discovery helps explain the phenomenal success and widespread appreciation this track received. This video, of the original performance, was not “tuned up” to A=444Hz/C=528Hz, because (obviously) the producer(s) and engineer(s) knew something about this special frequency in the inception of question “Where is the love?” It’s right here in the music.

This production and republication by Dr. Leonard Horowitz was donated to secure widespread acceptance in the music industry of the 528Hz frequency that is evidenced producing a “special” “brighter,” “medicinal,” and more “heart-felt” quality in the music produced with this precise frequency of 528. Justification for this selection is best explained by recent scientific and scriptural discoveries published in “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE” by Dr. Horowitz

This video includes lyrics and guitar chords to “jam along in the spirit of ‘LOVE/528′” provided as a public service. Experience the “uplift” from this provision of “medicinal music” performed in the central frequency of nature, sunshine, buzzing bees, and the oxygen producing pigment chlorophyll that heals diseases and sustains life.

Celebrate the “528LOVERevolution” to bring about civilization’s greatest hope for world health, peace, happiness and freedom from imposed diseases. The “cartel” producing, controlling, and profiting from humanity’s psychopathic suffering has suppressed this frequency and have disparaged this discovery.

If Dr. Horowitz is correct, 528 is the “Key” that is helping to unlock the door to humanity’s powerful loving heart full of faith, joy, and bravery. Gain a more powerful “spiritual uplift” and energetic release by listening, singing along, playing along, and moving your body to this performance in 528Hz.

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