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Revolution Television

Anonymous Converts Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s DNA Pirates and Frequency Healing Intel to Advance a Weaponized DNA Video

Weaponized DNA v Healing Frequencies Anonymous converts Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s research from his books, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral and the doctor’s monumental book on frequency healing–The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE–in this video that hashes and discredits good intelligence.

Anonymous’s weaponized dna thesis is shown here to evidence sophisticated social engineering and the manner in which the Deep State’s NSA operates through groups like Anonymous, hackers and trolls, to control information. They especially destroy lives and damage websites by hacking and posting on the Internet stories that typically tell 80 percent truth, but omit the fact they are working as “controlled opposition” for the Deep State. Their covert operations are known internationally. They have repeatedly exposed as an Anglo-American intelligence minion of devil-doers.

Within hours of Anonymous posting this video, Anonymous leader David Ryker threated Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz. Then Anonymous hacked Dr. Horowitz’s website whereon his “Musical Cult Control” was published. Thankfully, the security system saved previous versions of the website. So the site was restored in 48 hours.

Watch Dr. Horowitz’s video response to this Anonymous publication on Also read Sherri Kane’s article exposing Anonymous leader David Ryker (aka, “Black Angel”) on

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