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Victory Against Vaccinecide in the Hawaii Senate

Dr. Horowitz presents the perfect testimony to help prevent mandatory vaccinations bills from passing in legislatures nationwide with this outstanding ten minute video. (CLICK Hawaii Senate Bill SB 2393 Letter 2-4-16 to download Dr. Horowitz letter to the Senators.)

View the video, and then read the following press release:

“Hawaii Senator Accused of Bribery in PhRMA Campaign Financing After Striking Vaccine Bill.”

Honolulu, HI—Hawaii citizens are accusing State Senator Rosalyn H. Baker of violating campaign financing and bribery laws to spearhead a series of bills imposing vaccine mandates on children and health professionals.

According to complainants, including doctors, nurses, and members of Healthcare Freedom Hawaii, Sen. Baker chiefly sponsored the series of vaccination-related bills, including SB 2393 and 2394, after violating Hawaii campaign financing and bribery laws HRS §§11-361 and 710-1040(1)(b) in order to favor “Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and Big Money.”

“This election period, Sen. Baker collected at least $6,650 from Monsanto, its parent company Pfizer, their lobby andists, and their PhRMA trade association,” complained Matthew Paul, a political activist Honolulu-based vaccine risk educator. “Since that amount of drug industry money exceeds campaign financing limits, and is paired with the senator’s series of bills favoring her special interests, Senator Baker should resign, and submit to investigations for ethics violations and bribery, by definition in HRS 710-1040(1)(b).”

HRS §11-361 limits campaign support by aggregate special interests to $6,000 for Hawaii senators in each election cycle. Sen. Baker received much more than this from related vaccine makers and their lobbyists, including: Frederick J. Perlak, George A. Morris, John H. Radcliffe, Lo’ihi Communications, and Robert S. Toyofuku. The senator also received another $1,000 from allied drug makers as evidenced by public records published on the State’s campaign financing website,

Accordingly, members of Healthcare Freedom Hawaii are calling for Sen. Baker to withdraw each of the specious vaccine bills, and resign her office pending investigations by the ethics and election commissions as well as the State Attorney General’s office.

“I believe Sen. Baker struck SB 2393 last week under pressure from vaccine-injured families increasing her exposure and liability for damaging people and breaking Hawaii laws,” Dr. Horowitz commented.

Before the end of pubic testimony on February 4, 2016, the senator surprisingly struck the first of a series of rule-changing bills. She told her audience that the language was too confusing, and would be rewritten.

“That’s not so,” Dr. Horowitz explained. “The language was crystal clear, and Sen. Baker diverted from embarassment. The Act proposed rule changes that afforded drug companies free reign over healthcare professionals’ bodies, and infants and children’s lives. These bills impose the most shocking restrictions on human rights and constitutional freedoms we have ever seen, compelling citizens to give up their right to informed consent, and right to choose who or what enters their bodies.”



2 Responses

  1. Thank you SO much, Dr. Horowitz, for this enlightening, informative video of February 4, 2016. To give it even MORE IMPACT WORLDWIDE, it would be greatly appreciated if accurate English Subtitles could be added…..not only to assist the millions of hearing impaired individuals, but also greatly assisting those whose first language is not English. Thank you for being open and willing to consider this important step in BRINGING TRUTH TO LIGHT! Bless you, and thank you for all that you do and all that you are.
    Most sincerely,
    Karen Butler

    1. Hi Karen,

      If you or a friend would be willing to help out with creating a version of the video with sub-titles that would be greatly appreciated.


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