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Revolution Television

USA Common Law Court Action Foreclosure Defense July 30 2013

USA Common Law Court Action Foreclosure Defense July 30 2013
Nearly everyone knows how corrupt the judicial system in America is, but very few people know how to confront it with knowledge, skill, and integrity. Private Attorney General Williams is one such special authority in this field of law, civil rights, and organized crime.
Watching this video makes you want to scream and shout with joy, releasing anger, in great relief. Finally, there is evidence of a solution to the corruption in the legal system, and the unlawful “enterprise” called “The Bar,” that has overtaken decency and “civility” in our common law and criminal justice systems by substituting “commercial psychopathology” (called “arrogance” and “greed”) for reasonableness and justice.

Thank you in the Spirit of the “528 Revolution.”
Posted by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane for public viewing and international dissemination. (Special thanks to Black Eyed Peas for providing Fair Usage educational content.)
Note from PAG  Williams:
End result of today’s hearing…..Established Common Law Jurisdiction
Judge refused to accept Private Attorney Generals Williams and  he was extremely ignorant to this. He was educated by PAG Williams…strong resistance and insists PAG Williams be a bar licensed attorney??!! Again PAG Williams reiterated why PAGs are not practicing law but perfecting law….
We shut down court and put a halt to the proceedings as it is no longer under the State Circuit Court’s jurisdiction!!
That’s right!!!! And that’s where all of my clients are going to stay! Under the Common Law jurisdiction…
We are moving forward!!!!
Back to basics!!!! The Supreme Law of the Land!!!
Constitutional Law Common Law and UCC Law… be continued…
The beginning of the end!!!! CORRUPTION!!!

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