Revolution Television

Revolution Television

Trailer Introducing Frequency Rehab’ to Activity Professionals

This trailer introduces Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s “Introduction to ‘Frequency Rehab’ for Activity Professionals.” Great potential is evidenced for ‘Frequency Rehab’ provisions for caregivers and their communities as summarized in this trailer, and further detailed in this multi-media edu-taining hour-long presentation.

As Dr. Horowitz explains in this hour long introduction, ‘Frequency Rehab’ is a novel, therapeutic, cost-saving, income-generating, personally-enriching, cutting-edge science-based program that is evolving healthcare and care-giving by delivering the following benefits: (1) Automated activities such as dance events and exercise classes featuring therapeutic frequencies of sound and light, administered in music-videos providing natural, effective, risk-free, relaxing, and entertaining ‘energy medicine;’ (2) Caregivers and seniors caring actively for others applying frequency-based self-crafted products and services that reduce pain and improve overall health for personally satisfying, spiritually-uplifting, healing activities; (3) Arts & Crafts activities using natural (non-toxic) resources to produce valuable, frequency-resonating, therapeutic products, instruments, and equipment for curtailing drug-dependencies, revitalizing participants, and even commercializing for profit or non-profit fund-raising, public health, and positive community impact; and (4) Automated online training for caregivers and activity leaders featuring Frequency Rehab science for intelligent administration and hands-on applications of the aforementioned activities and objectives.

This low cost pay-per-view presentation provides activity professionals with many wonderful ideas, and practical implementation strategies, to gain VERY positive returns on investment.

The small tax-deductible pay-per-view fee supports the 501c non-profit health educational company, Medical Veritas International, Inc.

To view the whole video, CLICK HERE.

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