The Stupidity of Greening Vaccines

Published on February 17, 2015 by Revolution Television

The Stupidity of Greening Vaccines
If you think vaccines can be greened, think again. Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz explains why he is a vaccine prohibitionist, and anyone with any common sense would declare likewise. He equates the concept of greening vaccines to childproofing plutonium. It just cant be done. Even IF you remove mercury from vaccines, you still have a lot of toxic garbage still there to make people sick.
Watch this short clip and share it with others. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. All those fools who are advocating vaccine risk awareness still claiming some vaccines are good, are part of the problem. Having bought into the BIG LIE—vaccines are safe and effective—those who advocate greening vaccines are actually perpetuating a global genocide.
Alternatively, by seriously researching vaccination toxicity, and the poisonous consequences of injected ingredients, any honest reasonable person would admit vaccines should be prohibited, those who take them are grossly ignorant, and those saying some vaccines are probably good, are just kidding themselves and lying to others for fear of being perceived as politically incorrect.
Dr. Horowitzs contributions remind everyone that fear is the greatest foe operating within each of us effecting a conspiracy of silence that sustains the vaccination industrialists and their genocide against us.
Dr. Horowitz encourages you to link to the home page and download a new 8 page, full color, H1N1 FLU Newsletter freely downloadable in pdf format for mailing and distributing widely. (Click the link near the upper right side of the page to download the H1N1 FLU 2009 Newsletter .pdf) This was published by Tetrahedron, LLC as a public service with support from natural products manufacturers and promoters, especially Call toll free, 1-888-508-4787 for more information.

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