Sting n Vaccines

Published on February 17, 2015 by Revolution Television

Sting n Vaccines Revolution Television
As the first cases of the 2009 Mexican flu outbreak were being reported, Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s telephone began to ring requesting his comments. A few hours later, after investigating vaccine makers involved, the Harvard-trained emerging diseases expert uploaded to YouTube a 10 minute SPECIAL REPORT that will go down in history as the classic scam buster. Within a few hours of alerting his network, thousands of people viewed this riveting video, more than 90,000 in 30 hours, topping Google’s search list throughout the three-day fright.
Dr. Horowitz, the worlds leading governmental whistle-blower in consumer health advocacy, exposed the agents and agencies most implicated in creating and releasing the extraordinary virus and publicity needed to place the world at high alert. They claimed this was a rapidly spreading combination of swine flu, avian flu, Spanish flu, and more. Dr. Horowitz caught them with incriminating scientific publications, cited their names, published their references, and called for an immediately international investigation into this global genocide. Among those exposed were Americas disease-busters at the CDC and an allied private company, NOVAVAX, maker of the Johnny-on-the-spot vaccine. Needless to say, the inside players initially made, and then lost, millions in the stock market.
Dr. Horowitzs SPECIAL REPORT made so much news, and gathered so much grassroots support so quickly, authorities needed to dodge bullets from journalists and scientists to evade accountability for co-creating, with NOVAVAX, their deadly bioterrorism. Dr. Horowitz proved officials conflicting interests with NOVAVAX implicated this group exclusively in engineering the outbreak for profit, political power, and population control.
Then, suddenly, and quite amazingly, the viruses lethality was downgraded within 2 days of Dr. Horowitz’s spawned uprising, and humanity breathed a sigh of relief, . . . until the next time. . . .
Prepare to avoid dying early. Watch and share this video with your loved ones. Here, Dr. Horowitz applies Stings famous 1986 Grammy Award performance of Russians to advance an “edutaining” musical reality check on vaccines and the current state of the world at war with biology. Indeed, biological warfare is masquerading under the guise of public health, and this video, with your help, can stop it.
After viewing and forward this video to help save lives, go to for the universal solution to this “demonic” challenge, and also check out for Dr. Horowitz’s endorsement of the leading silver hydrosol that can largely terminate toxic reliance on drug industrialists.

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