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SpaceGate Trailer

SpaceGate Trailer

Dedicated to the “Protectors” who secure the Hawaiian culture that considers Mauna Kea sacred, this documentary was produced by award-winning filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. It blends research, analysis and commentary promoting world peace by vetting Deep State corruption in America’s most strategic defense outpost—the land, sea and space of Big Island Hawaii. This opposition to volcanic devastation and spiritual desecration is centered around a secreted hydrogen fuel cell and fracking operation diverting and poisoning water on one of the holiest places on earth, according to natives, protestors, scientists, and allied international “Protectors” now marveling over “Pele’s” scorched-earth retaliation.

Beyond a military stronghold, Hawaii is seen as experimental real estate through the eyes of Deep State intelligence. This unprecedented feature length “docu-commentary” gives new insights into land thievery and judicial corruption in “paradise,” and vets the underworld in the “defense industry,” wherein opium, heroin, meth, THC and DMT trafficking profits willfully blind state and federal officials. The early history of Hawaii is set to stirring black-and-white photography depicting “The Last Resort” sound track by The Eagles, masterfully merged by Horowitz’s unique filmmaking style.

Horowitz is a 66-year old natural health industry pioneer and leading Big Pharma critic. He was among the first filmmakers worldwide to broadcast “Fair Usage Documentaries” censored by Google/YouTube to conceal Deep State interests and their illegal protection racket. Here, he, Dr. Melissa Yee—a Chinese-Hawaiian activist directing the Seeds of Truth public interest group, and journalist Sherri Kane, reveals common financiers and media partners implicated in double-dealing high-tech “dual use” military projects desecrating the sacred “Mauna” of Hawaii according to irrefutable evidence shown in the film. Plans to build the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the highest mountain on earth here, along with concealed U.S. Navy and Air Force involvements therein, are determined commercially linked to stockholders in intelligence operations, security agencies, and defense companies administering the false nuclear ballistic missile alert earlier this year. The same parties, documents reveal, committed multiple instances of consumer fraud and scientific mischief. Concerned experts know fracking and land blasting suffered by the Big Island triggered the volcanic eruptions and devastation blamed on “Pele,” whose 2018 inferno destroyed dozens of homes, dispossessed nearly two thousand people, continues to issue lava flows, and is predicted (at the time of this writing) to explode even more according to the military-media’s propaganda.

Meanwhile, the TMT partnership between China, Japan, India, and Canada with U.S. universities concealing military involvements for “National Security” has been stymied by “Protectors” and court actions. The media purposely neglected the “game changing” plan to transfer “dual use” military technology called “Adaptive Optics” (AO) to China, risking America’s space supremacy and the West’s nuclear defenses controlled by satellite telecommunications in cyberspace according to official reports. Compounding this pattern and practice of media disinformation, the May 2018 volcanic eruptions similarly concealed the Puna Geothermal enterprise co-owned by Japanese and Israeli companies engaged in U.S. military industrial energy experiments.

SPACEGATE: The Militarization of Sacred Mauna Kea was produced for public television by doctors Horowitz and Yee, who previously directed a number of Olelo Community Media productions as Hawaii’s most accomplished activists. Yee was instrumental in helping to ban the open air testing of genetically-engineered plants by Monsanto before corrupted officials reversed the Big Island’s mandate.

Filmmaker Horowitz is a Harvard-trained intelligence analyst and consumer protector considered the best credentialed, most prolific, heavily-censored and controversial whistleblower in medicine whose six previous documentaries won multiple awards. He produced the “Best Film-2016” at the World International Film Festival in London and Geneva for UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, similarly exposing counter-intelligence propagandists deceiving consumers about vaccination risks.

Both films feature Sherri Kane, a Fox News defector from LA whose films and publications, like Horowitz’s, have been censored by Google/YouTube and Facebook. Internet “trolls” and “spam bots” regularly smear the couple’s reputation, prompting them to launch their own media outlets including,,,, and Their growing list of supporters include “528 Revolutionaries,”,, and thousands of Internet fans reposting their videos and articles.


To view the entire video, CLICK HERE.


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