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On September 10, 2013, I attended a hearing with PAG Williams for a woman who was a victim of foreclosure fraud and organized crime. Dr. Horowitz was filming Williams for a documentary, and Judge Bert Ayabe and the sheriffs made Horowitz leave the court because they did not want the corrupt proceedings videotaped as evidence. Then Leonard handed me the camera before he left.
The camera was still running when Williams and I asked the question about “WHAT LAW” prohibits journalists from videotaping public courtroom hearings, and the sheriffs could not answer the question.
Then the Court Clerk stated, “State Supreme Court Rule 5,” but Williams and I knew that was no law, just an administrative rule that violates independent journalists First Amendment Rights as a way to control information, the media, and ultimately the way people think and behave like slaves.
In other words, these “rules” diminish our freedoms, and violate our Constitution, civil rights, civil liberties, and much more.
The courts and the States must bring their administrative rules in line with Federal laws and common laws in order to be lawful and have officials not violate their oaths of office.

I was on my way out of the courtroom after Dr. Horowitz exited when the judge told the sheriffs to remove me. I was then suddenly attacked and assaulted by two security guards four times my size and weight! They twisted the camera out of my hand, twisted my arms, made me fall down, then dragged me out of the courtroom. They threw me out in the hallway in front of a dozen witnesses.
Officers K Kim and D YanagiThe two sheriffs are shown here (K. Kim [left] and D. Yanagi in plain clothes [right]) demanded that I leave the courthouse after they assaulted me and I was in a great deal of pain. But someone called the paramedics to examine me. They saw my bruises, and recorded the damage from the excessive force used to follow the judge’s unlawful instructions to have me removed.
The sheriffs’ supervisor, Sargeant M. Murota, refused to take witness testimonies and claimed that there were no witnesses! Thank God people videotaped each others’ testimonies on their cellphones!
After the sheriffs saw how many witnesses there were, and my bruises, they needed an alibi, so they decided to arrest me for “disrupting government ops.” when, in fact, my video shows I was very orderly. I had never been arrested before that moment.
Williams was kind enough to stand by me and go to the hospital with me, alongside my partner Leonard, as two sheriffs were assigned to escort me to jail after the hospital.
Now I went through all of this on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013; and on September 13, 2013 they arrested Williams!
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