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Sheriff Eviction Standoff Common Law Private Attorney Generals Defend Against Foreclosure Fraud

Sheriff Eviction Standoff Common Law Private Attorney Generals Defend Against Foreclosure Fraud
The “Outlaws-in-Justice” series features Private Attorney Generals Williams and Kenneth Marvin Byrd. This series is produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, internationally renowned whistle-blower/journalists who have been targeted and damaged by the COINTELPRO and organized criminal efforts to damage their reputations and financial estates. As a result of being abused by many attorneys and several judges in the Third Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii, they turned their attention to the common law defense activities of William.
This video documents Common Law actions in defense of homeowners’ rights, and testifies to the free-world’s best chance, and greatest hope for, remedying the plague of corruption that has overtaken the civil and criminal justice systems throughout the Western World.
Increasingly, racketeering and organized crime has tainted our courts degenerating the ethics, morals, values, and economies of Eastern nations poisoning globalization and multinational corporate influence over commercial interests of virtually every nation.
The predictable, obviously planned, end result will be the complete destruction, followed by the complete reformation, of One World banking cartel that exercises more, not less, control over civilization, exercising additional restrictions on human freedoms, health, prosperity, sovereignty and sustainability, and general well being.
This segment is part of a series of films developed for a proposed feature-length documentary, “OUTLAWS-in-JUSTICE,” by Dr. Horowitz–an award-winning filmmaker and author working with investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, who are following the marvelous works of USA Common Law officials, Williams, and others, advancing a national organization to reestablish Common Law and Constitutional Law as the primary “law of the land” and “due process.”
Nearly everyone knows how corrupt the judicial system in America has become, and nearly everyone reports being damaged by it. But very few people know how to confront this menace with knowledge, skill, and integrity. Private Attorney General Williams is one such very special authority in this field of law, civil rights, and organized crime.
Watching this series of videos will makes you want to scream, and even shout with joy, releasing anger in great relief, for the information and lawful actions provided.
Here is evidence of a solution to the corruption in the legal system that features the sinful enterprise called “The Bar;” that has overtaken decency and “civility” in our civil and criminal justice systems. This organized crime, legally-defined “enterprise,” has substituted psychopathology called “arrogance” and “greed” for reasonableness and justice.

Thank you in the Spirit of the “528 Revolution.”
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Special thanks to Black Eyed Peas for their FAIR USAGE educational recording, “Where is the LOVE?”

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