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Sex Tape Scandal Exposes Patriot Network Infiltration by Traitorous COINTELPRO

Sex Tape Scandal Exposes Patriot Network Infiltration
Columbia S.C. (March 5, 2014)–A manufactured ” sex tape scandal ” to extort and defame two leading drug-industry whistleblowers is incriminating the FBI, whose Los Angeles Division 5 bureau chief assigned more than a dozen agents to publish libel and neo-Nazi “Christian Identity” propaganda since 2007.

Since that time, and before his death, allegedly “retired” FBI Division 5 Chief, Ted Gunderson—J. Edgar Hoover’s west coast counter-intelligence program (i.e., COINTELPRO) director—assigned a team of undercover propagandists, including Utah “business man” Alma C. Ott, owner of Mother Earth Minerals, Inc., and Los Angeles film producer, Anthony Hilder, to operate like convicted “FBI informant” Hal Turner, jailed for his anti-government racist rants risking the lives of several judges and politicians.

Under the alias, “Dr. True Ott,” “Ott & Company” manufactured a so-called “sex tape” to discredit world leading pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and his partner, a FOX News defector, Sherri Kane, to smear the couple’s reputations with neo-Nazi “Christian Identity” propaganda, according to evidence filed in the District Court of North Idaho (Civ. No. 2011-0001409) and related federal case (Civ. No. 13-00500 HG-BMK) in Hawaii.

Before his death in 2011, Gunderson also assigned his aides, filmmaker Anthony J. Hilder, and Doug Millar, a self-promoted child sex trafficking expert, to publicly extort and defame Horowitz if he did not relinquish his ambassadorship bestowed by the late Prince Michael Romanov of Russia, serving a humanitarian organization, the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, in which the doctor has been advancing the Clinics for Humanity Project for the World Organization for Natural Medicine—a program in which doctors treat impoverished people, particularly in AIDS-devastated countries—competing with the World Health Organization and World Bank’s impositions requiring risky vaccines.

More motives underlying Ott & Company’s cyber-bullying, extortion, and defamation, include Dr. Horowitz’s “paradigm shattering” publications in the fields of electrogenetics, biophysics, mathematics, and “medicinal music,” threatening the germ theory in medicine, America’s “National Security” interests, the cancer industry, and the global drug alliance.

In a similar scandal on the East Coast, Ott’s counterpart—Harold C. “Hal” Turner—used radio and Internet broadcasts to spread “White Hate” since the 1990s under the FBI’s double agency. Purportedly, Turner “provided information on white supremacy groups for the same government he frequently railed against,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ott, like Turner, has ranted about “the lower races,” disparaged Jews and non-Whites, condemned lawmakers and the government, and sent terrorizing e-mails to his targets, including Late Night in the Midlands radio host, Michael Vara, and the two journalists he christened “The HOROKANE.”
Court records show Utah police consider Ott armed and dangerous. His brother-in-law in the Iron County Sheriffs Office, Lieutenant Jody Edwards, stated that Ott is a “use caution” individual with mental problems.

In August 2010, Turner was finally convicted of threatening to assault and murder three federal judges after jurors became confused about his double role as an “FBI informant” while castigating the government as a white supremacist—bizarre intelligence causing two mistrials.

But historic accounts in public records prove the FBI infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) during the racially explosive 1960s; and thereafter controlled the “White Hate group” leadership.

Consequently, “informants” Turner, Gunderson, and Ott’s similar neo-Nazi and racist propaganda used to libel Martin Luther King, and now “The HOROKANE,” plus this manufactured “sex tape” discovery, secures a place in intelligence agency infamy for “Ott & Company.”

The FBI-associated enterprise’s “sex tape” manufacture was discovered and made known by Late Night In The Midlands’ host Vara and Sherri Kane. The two simultaneously identified the voice of Deborah Tavares on the fraudulent recording, then realized she was among Gunderson’s, Hilder’s, and Ott’s cronies

Vara and Kane brought their evidence to Dr. Horowitz, who co-produced this video.
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