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Police Scanner of Las Vegas Deep State Massacre

Text Transcription of Police Scanner:

00:56 – Shots coming from half way up
1:12 – Active shooter INSIDE the fairground
3:44 – Shots coming FROM Gate 7
5:38 – Shots from middle of casino, west tower, towards the center, middle floors
6:59 – flashing 1/3 of the way up
9:02 – about 15th floor
14:47 – Civilian witnesses saying possible 3 shooters
14:54 – Multiple witnesses saying multiple people shot or were shooting
16:26 – White car going the wrong way towards Mandalay Bay
17:39 – Security reports shots fired on floors 29 and 32
18:30 – Security guard shot on 32nd floor
18:51 – Blockade established on 32nd floor, will need the 29th floor, “CONFIRMED there are at least 2 shooters with fully automatic weapons”
19:20 – Get cameras (cctv?) to see the 29th and 32nd floor
27:08 – On the 29th floor with a 4 man element
34:02-34:50 – Older white man with fatigues and a black bag went into motor home on Tropicana, witnesses say he came from shooting area
35:13 – Civilian stole patrol car at Giles, need medical
35:33 – One WMA (White Male Adult), Man in fatigues in white RV
36:17 – Giles and Alibaba, several, several casualties
37:03 – We believe it’s the northern most room on 32nd floor, unknown on the 29th
37:26 – Putting a shotgun on the suspect in the RV, by Motel 6 behind a Clark County Fire engine
38:30 – CONFIRMED – Giles and Alibaba, casualties, East of the Catholic Shrine (not in the line of fire from Mandalay) “SO WE HAVE 2 SCENES!”
40:35 – Set up North of the Motel 6, NW area
40:52 – We have several 419s on the main stage.
41:04 – Need more units at Reno and Tropicana, we might have a possible
41:50 – Be advised, there is a subject on the heli-pad
43:10 – Just FYI, we are posted on Cobalt, just North of the target RV at Tropicana
43:49 – Moving in on a possible, right on the side of Motel 6, there’s 3 of us out here
45:05 – “CONFIRMING, the Mandalay Bay and Alibaba/Giles are the 2 shooting locations!” “Do we have a 3rd?”
57:33 – Report of possible shots fired inside NY NY
58:56 – Shooter at the front desk of NY NY, and everyone is in the kitchen
59:23 – Vehicle, black Audi, at the Luxor valet, possibly 445 (bomb), wires sticking out
59:50 – Witnesses saying there is someone at the NY NY
1:00:58 – They are advising the active shooter is coming down the escalator from NY NY to Excaliber
1:04:04 – Asking for confirmation “Do we have a 415a (assault with a gun) at NY NY?!”
1:04:14 – “It originally came in saying many subjects were down… there’s one that came in at 23:06 hours saying there’s a shooter at the front desk at NY NY… and there’s approximately 150 subjects sheltered in place inside the kitchen area there, and 2 shots were fired inside casino floor. And there is several subjects down at NY NY / Zumaniti.”
1:05:13 – “Send, if there’s not already 2 strike teams in route, send 2 strike teams in route, they need to advise their call signs, and we need an update as soon as they get there.”

The Police Scanner proves that the shooter was near Alibaba & Giles street, which was not in line with the Mandalay Bay 32nd Floor window. At 38:30 someone on the police scanner states – “CONFIRMED – Giles and Alibaba, casualties, East of the Catholic Shrine (not in the line of fire from Mandalay) “SO WE HAVE 2 SCENES!”

Check out the map below. This address is close to the two water towers behind the festival. The shots seen on the 4th floor are gun shot reflections from the two fuel towers, as seen on the taxi driver’s video seen at THIS LINK.

Here is the map of Alibaba and Giles on the right side of this map below:


Here is the location of the 2 fuel towers:

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.53.05 PM

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