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PharmaWHO Swine Flu Fraud Linked to Journalists’ Murders Part 1 Introduction

PharmaWHO Swine Flu Fraud Linked to Journalists

PharmaWHO Murders & Libel Scandal Part 1
Why has Benjamin Fulford using Greg Szymanski’s forged “Knights of Malta” list to frame Dr. Horowitz in Edward Harle’s murder?
Dr. Horowitz is the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas Journal.
Dr. Horowitz was the first researcher to charge the World Health Organization with fraud and pharmaceutical industry criminality at the start of the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu campaign and media manipulated fright. One third of the WHO’s emergency committee persons were on the take from drug firms.
Dr. Horowitz advances an alternative to deadly vaccinations, and poisonous antibiotics, called OxySilver. He also advances an array of natural healing products and simplifies health care for consumers. He also advances Healthy World Organization, an alternative to the criminal, drug-industry-corrupted, WHO.
This is why this high profile natural healing doctor and public health expert was “set up” by libels and forgeries to be discredited in the murder of world leading financial industry whistleblower, Edward Harle.
As news from England surfaced, Horowitz, and investigative journalist, Sherri Kane, realized that Harle’s last writing was forged by Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian financial journalist living in Japan, who threatened Harle’s life, and then doctored Harle’s “last report” to make it seem like the “Knights of Malta” assassinated Harle. Horowitz’s name was on that list, BY NO ACCIDENT!
An investigation into how Horowitz’s name got on that list reveals an organized CIA-administered conspiracy involving white supremacist agent provocateurs engaged in libeling and discrediting him and numerous other leaders in alternative medicine, the patriot movement, 9-11 truth movement, conspiracy movement, and whistle-blowing communities.
Further investigations revealed the white supremacist Bible Believers group, founded by alleged Church of Satin members, appears linked through a Jewish philanthropist, to the 9-11 terrorist attacks and the liquidation of stocks and accounts by indicted Muslim terrorist suspect, Amir “Tony” Elgindy.
The investigation is ongoing at this time, and threats and libel against Dr. Horowitz are increasing, as they are against journalist, Sherri Kane.
Editors and Journalists worldwide are requested to investigate this matter urgently, to aid fellow journalists working to protect human rights and freedom of the press.

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