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Revolution Television

OXYSILVER is Making Vaccines and Toxic Immunizations Obsolete

OXYSILVER IS Making Vaccines and Toxic Immunizations Obsolete

America’s leading killer is not cancer or heart disease. It is drug side effects including vaccination injuries. Smart people deserve to have a risk free alternative to vaccination intoxication and antibiotic-induced illness and environmental destruction. That alternative is OXYSILVER—an evolutionary new dietary supplement that boosts natural immunity without immunization toxicity. Technically called a “Uniform Picoscaler Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UPCOSH),” OXYSILVER is a nanotechnology breakthrough that combines oxygen and silver in a new way (i.e., a cluster of covalent bonded molecules permanently suspended n energetically enriched water), so that the oxygen becomes a supercharged germ-killer freeing your immune system to fight flus, colds, cancers, and more without any risk of toxicity or heavy metal acculumation. Build your disease defenses now naturally, painlessly, powerfully, safely, and inexpensively with OXYSILVER.

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