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Origin of COVID Pandemic: Diversionary Propaganda



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


“China unleashed COVID on the world,” says Laura Ingraham and the rest of the American news media.

But is that really true?

In this segment, so-called “expert” Jamie Metzl, representing the powerful Washington think tank, The Atlantic Council, says he’s hopeful that the World Health Organization, the WHO, is going to get to the bottom of the origin controversy.

But do you really think the WHO, financed by the same global elite stockholders in Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Military, and Big Banking–those censoring information and imposing COVID problems and restrictions–will actually reveal the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to set civilization free?

Will WHO find the origin and put an end to masking, vaccinations, genetic alterations, and social distancing that amounts to the deprivation of oxygen, human rights, love and belonging–among the greatest human blessings and values–damagingly disregarded in officials’ proclamations and impositions.

No we’re not going to gain an end to this madness from the WHO!

The WHO, in fact, isn’t going to do squat other than provide a convenient diversion.

Omissions and misrepresentations committed to persuade people to do what they would not normally do if they had the full truth, such as the root reasons for the pandemic, or the inefficacy of mask wearing and social distancing, is fraud in law.

And that’s precisely what we have here in this FOX News segment: Diversionary Propaganda. Downright FRAUD!

The Origin of COVID is Not a Mystery

Yes! Evidence for a “lab leak” is mounting. But not actually or exclusively a Chinese lab leak.

Clear and convincing evidence is mounting that China was assisted by Western labs and allied governments as you can know by examining the more complete scientific evidence published on; as well as by reviewing the patents held by the most untrustworthy expert con artist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for instance.

origin of covidHere Ingraham shows Fauci backing Communist China and its scientists, but fails to mention that Fauci, much liike America’s leading coronavirus ‘gain of function’ labs, were financed by the major globalists, including the quintessential depopulation propagandist Bill Gates.

Heavily neglected in all of this is that Fauci and Gates’s allies in organized crime are advancing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) and “transhumanism” through vaccination “neuroscience” that includes nano-chips in hydrogels delivering the “payload” in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA DNA altering poisons.

Consider, for example, Klaus Schwab, the director of the World Economic Forum. He joined Bill Gates’s foundation in sponsoring the Coronavirus Predictive Programming Conference that took place six weeks before the Wuman outbreak.

During that Johns Hopkins University hosted event, every aspect of the planned and forthcoming COVID pandemic, and officials’ responses to it, was meticulously considered and decided. You can view that here on in the “Coronavirus Predictive Programming” segment I contributed.

You can also learn more about this by watching my documentary titled “The COVID-19 Coup“.

All of this presents compelling evidence that Johns Hopkins’ predictive programming planned to output the frightening death and disease statistics echoed by the complicit news media.

“Can you trust the Chinese government?” Ingraham diverts, vicariously censoring the larger truths about Fauci’s and Western labs involvements. “All evidence points to a lab outbreak,” she says, but exclusively condemns China.

I’ve been widely reporting the “lab virus origin” since late December, 2019. Subsequently, FOX’s Tucker Carlson called my ilk of whistleblowers “liars.”

Now Ingraham, who knows: (1) this plague is instrumental to the “Great Global Reset,” and she, herself, opposes all forced demonically-possessed vaccinations; and (2) that Bill Gates’ financing has ‘bribed’ the WHO, she asks, nevertheless, if this WHO/China exploration into the origin of COVID is “too little too late.”

It’s “Too Late” for Such ‘Bullshit’

origin of covid“I hope it’s not too late,” says the idiotic ‘expert’ Metzl.

As though any human or organization is going to put the hyper-weaponed “advanced function” virus back into Pandora’s box!

Especially now that COVID is mutating internationally into hyper-transmissible deadlier recombinants.

Is anyone really capable of putting this plandemic back into the bat lab from whence is came?

That’s ridiculous! These people are either delirious or criminally psychopathic, because their propaganda is deadly.

“China has been covering-up and hiding information for more than a year,” Metzl complains, as he himself conceals and diverts from the most important facts and culprits in the global genocide.

“Money and power buys influence,” Ingraham replies, complicit in the diversion to China. She knows the WHO gets its money and power from satanists. She’s a Christian who has done a show on this. She reported on those financing the American and Chinese, including Fauci, Gates et. al. And she knows who’s influencing the international news media and ordering her own propaganda.

“Zoonotic jumps in the wild,” my ass. Metzl returns to the original deception that the virus evolved naturally in the wild. This further evidences Metzl’s complicity in the deadly demonic fraud consistent with The Atlantic Council’s corruption.

The Deep State’s Un-drained Swamp

origin of COVIDMetzle’s Atlantic Council is given air-time here on FOX, as a so-called “independent” think-tank. The Deep State’s syndicate engages policy-making, intelligence administration, and is complicit in the concealed origin of COVID along with this global genocide.

What is obvious to anyone left with a brain is the grotesquely disregarded U.S. seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government, the Constitution, and We The People, using COVID as justification for the demonic impositions.

This globalist organization, representing the brain of the Deep State, like the Council on Foreign Relations, provides a media platform for senior US diplomats and politicians to administer domestic crimes, including sedition in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2384. Here, among the treasonous traitors, you can see President Biden doing business deals along with his ‘front man’ son Hunter.

Their events lure the elite of NATO. Their claimed illuminaries include Anders Aslund, a Swedish economist and author, one of the Council’s most prominent figures. Together they tie the Biden’s Burisma interests to the overall globalist plot to take-over the planet through COVID and the Great Global Reset.

Aslund plays the role of “Controlled Opposition.” He is seen criticizing eastern oligarchs, but not the Western elite, like Metzl is doing here on FOX.

All the devil-doers exclusively blame China.

Laura appears to have taken her assignment from mob bosses in central intelligence.

Notice neither mentions the banksters and Western oligarchs who financed China’s Communistic rise to power; nor the Wuhan lab experiments, nor the U.S. suppliers of the bat coronaviruses ‘seed stock.’

Again, this is a criminal conspiracy called sedition. It is obvious. It’s right in your face.

You see it with Republicans enabling Democrats and Big Tech to control everything, including intelligence, social beliefs and attitudes, headline news, the COVID fright, Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, elections, the branches of government, especially the Executive Branch, the courts, the FDA, the CDC. All of these have been “captured.”

Magical manifestations through diversions and distractions are their specialty. This is the method used to corrupt everything–the ways and means to gain totalitarian control over your life.

Instead of seeing and calling this for what it is, a murderous seditious conspiracy to overthrow the United States, the lawbreakers on Capitol Hill divert to frivolous and capricious sham debates, such as over 47 U.S. Code § 230 – protecting Big Tech’s censorship, blocking of opposition, and eliminating so called “offensive material.”

There’s a sub-plot here. The real issue is where are the prosecutors and federal marshalls serving the grand jury indictments upon these complicit elites who are committing genocide and ‘managed chaos’ right before your eyes.

Influence in the Origin of COVID Propaganda

Aslund, it turns out, like The Atlantic Council at large, criticizes ‘dark money’ influencing politics. Yet, like good “Controlled Opposition” agents of deception, they all hide the fact that the organization signed a cooperation agreement with Hunter and Joe Biden’s tainted Burisma Holdings in January 2017, a week after Dr. Fauci alerted his colleagues at Georgetown University that the incoming Trump administration was going to face and unprecedented plague.

Meanwhile, at that same time, CIA Director John Brennan retired from his oversight of the Hillary Clinton Russian dirty dossier sedition, sabotaging Trump to convert the Executive Branch of Government.

origin of covid“For all we know there’s an even worse pandemic coming just around the corner,” the Deep State’s Metzl warns.

This is precisely what I have been warning for a quarter century since the publication of the best-selling book in this field, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? Therein, and here now as well, I conclude these emerging viruses are globalist weapons for mass depopulation, much more profitable, efficient, and effective than nuclear weapons.

Notice also that Metzl slams the Trump administration for allegedly lifting the Obama administration’s ban on this dangerous and damaging coronavirus ‘gain of function’ research, consistent with his assignment as a propagandist.

To the contrary, the setting and lifting of The Moratorium was directed by the same suspects that transferred the biotechnology to China from America–a fact Metzl knows but purposely and recklessly neglects.

Watch Ingraham’s eyes, facial expression, and body language before she interrupts Metzl and ends the segment. She knows this Trump blame-game is politically and financially contrived.

The Only Remedy is Divine Intervention

Now this is where I will lose many of you. You who are science skeptics, atheists, naysayers, contrarians, oppositionists, agents for Central Intelligence, and information warriors will smear and dismiss my following advisement.

Those who have lost all hope, take heed. Civilization has been here before, and survived. Others have built high tech castles into the sky. Babylon has fallen before and again now. Because no matter how wealthy and powerful the devildoers are, they will never match or defeat the central intelligence of nature and its metaphysical/spiritual Divine administration of harmony and justice. Even 5G and the Watson Computer cannot, and will not, come close to achieving the Creator’s universal power.

Therein lies the exclusive solution. The only remedy to the mounting chaos, and the sociopolitical and economic tyranny, lies in your rediscovering the power of faith in your Creator, and the power of love in producing miracles. This capability includes the miraculous transformation of We The People to be all that we can be spiritually. To heal and be whole physically. To be energetically restored and protected mentally and emotionally. These common concerns and group actions are the only real remedies available at this time.

For this, rather than discount this certainty and hopeful reality, I encourage you to research the science and musical mathematics, the physics and electrogenetics, of 528Hz frequency dynamics; that frequency’s role in history and physical reality.

Go to and begin your study of this “key of the house of David.” This has been used for miracle making for millennia. This is also prophesied in the Bible and proven already in science. Spirituality is, after all, energy. In this case this Holy Spirituality is intertwined with anti-oxidant activity.

Viruses, cancers, auto-immune diseases, and other ailments caused by pollution, intoxications, and vaccinations, are destroyed by anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C, D and E, chlorophyll, zinc, OxySilver, oxygen and alkalizing water, re-hydration, oxygenation, and detoxification. All these remedies resonates harmonically and coherently with the heart of nature in 528Hz frequency of sound and 528nm of green healing light. This operates at the heart of sunshine, rainbows, snowflake designs and your Carbon-six organic chemistry.

These revelations predict the termination of injustices and the survival of the fittest on planet Earth–those who firmly establish themselves in harmony with nature and our Creator, and who exercise their faith in the Creator,  the Messiah Jesus, and our superhuman capacity to commune with the Most High as Jesus inspired.

Even in spiritual warfare, to be victorious, the Truth shall set you free, actualized through the exercise of faith, hope, and trust in yourself as a Divinely-inspired creation who doesn’t need vaccinations to rid yourself of the current and coming plagues.



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