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Mike Adams’ ” Elemonics ” Consumer Fraud: “Health Ranger” “Hears Chemistry” and Destroys His Credibility

Mike Adams – the celebrated “Health Ranger” published an article and video purportedly demonstrating how elements in molecules “sing” in harmony with one another, likening nature to a musical-mathematical orchestra.  He inferred this was his “new discovery” that came as an epiphany during “a walk in nature.” He wrote that his “translation of elements” using his trademarked ” Elemonics ” music “will blow your mind (and your ears).”

Not only does Mike Adams take and twist the brilliant works of Dr. Leonard Horowitz and his research colleagues without giving credit where credit is due (i.e., professional attributions reflecting civility and professionalism), but Adams convolutes this wonderful knowledge like a flim-flam man and abuses the facts to defraud consumers.

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