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Message for FOX NEWS: Arrest Geraldo Rivera for Complicity in Genocide

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At this stage of the COVID catastrophe, one must ask the question, “Why hasn’t anyone been arrested among Anthony Fauci’s ‘inner circle’ of complicit liars, cover-up artists, and genocidalists?”

“Arrest Geraldo” and we will find out!

Arrest Geraldo Rivera for Complicity in Genocide

arrest geraldo
Calls to FOX NEWS to arrest geraldo for “complicity in genocide” are being made by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and others in the alternative media.

In this segment (akin to the “Hollywood Spin” series playing on, the world’s best-credentialed, most-prolific, and most censored emerging viruses expert and genocide whistleblower, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, calls for the ‘citizen’s arrest’ of FOX News ‘Deep State’ “cover-up artist” and shill-propagandist, Geraldo Rivera, under 42 U.S.C. Section 1988 (also known as the “Private Attorney General’s Act“).

Geraldo must be charged with complicity in the “organized crime” of racketeering in genocide, according to the facts, Dr. Horowitz explains in this video.

Under the law and ‘public duty doctrine,’ citizens’ arrests can and should be done whenever citizens witness suspects and ‘organized crime’ killing or damaging people, threatening others likewise. In fact, people become ‘complicit’ by ‘willful blindness’ if theywitness such crimes and do nothing to stop them. The perpetrator(s) should and must be arrested.

Likewise, Geraldo should, and must, be arrested in accordance with law. Otherwise “The Five,” and FOX NEWS, officials are guilty and liable for the deaths and damages under 42 U.S.C. 1986 (Duty to Protect law).

These laws were established by Congress to protect and secure civilized society, recognizing the damage done by racketeering enterprises in which Geraldo Rivera is charged here by Dr. Horowitz for the facts evidencing complicity in “genocide.”

Under the law, and in prosecutions against racketeers, probable cause for the indictments and a citizens’ arrests can and should be compelling when irrefutable facts are witnessed and presented to jurors.

In this case featuring Geraldo, as in prosecutions for organized crime and related criminal complicity, facts are presented to jurors and prosecutors cite the ‘presumption of facts’ enabling the ‘presumption of guilt.’ In other words, Geraldo’s guilt must be presumed by the facts in hand.

The ‘bar’ for prosecutions of this nature, and jury verdicts in such cases charging organized crime and racketeering, is the lowest required to serve justice. That is, a ‘preponderance of evidence’ is all that is required. In other words, jurors decide based on common sense, not legal loopholes, such as those fraudulently argued by Geraldo in this segment. Occam’s razor analysis is justified given such facts, presumptions, and criminal proceedings.

Drawing on a segment from The Five in which Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Waters, and Greg Gutfeld are blatantly stymied, diverted, and clearly angered by Geraldo during his defrauding of viewers by frivolous opposition, Dr. Horowitz highlights especially Judge Pirro’s accurate judgment that sufficient evidence (of ‘mens rea’, or willful intent) exists for Dr. Fauci’s criminal indictment for the “holocaust” (millions of deaths) cited by Gutfeld, argued by Waters, and opposed by Geraldo.

Please share this video that evidences Geraldo’s pattern and practice of knowingly defrauding the public by omissions, misrepresentations, diversions, obfuscations, and frivolous arguing. The vast majority of ‘enlightened’ viewers find Geraldo’s disinformation, misinformation, and complicity in genocide appalling, as it is enabled by his ‘fake news’ media cohorts in crime.

The facts shared in this video evidence Geraldo’s willful complicity in the COVID COUP: “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”, precisely as he did during the ‘Willowbrook scandal.” The fact the Geraldo is half Jewish, yet turns blind eyes to the ongoing COVID ‘holocaust’ committed by the ‘successors-in-interest’ to IG Farben, and the Rockefeller cartel that administered the Nazi regime, is disgusting!

These facts compel FOX NEWS officials to ‘dump Geraldo.’ His cohorts in The Five should act as responsible citizens in administering Geraldo’s arrest, prosecution, and conviction for the crime of aiding-and-abetting by willful-blindness, propaganda, and downright fraud, the mass killing of people for profit and politics, that is, the ongoing genocide.

These deserving criminal proceedings will help answer the question, “Why haven’t the devil-doers been arrested?” Better yet, it will bring attention to the devious manner in which con-artists and flim-flam ‘contributors’ such as Geraldo, pepper the media and preclude urgently needed public awareness and remedies to the mass-killing and enslaving of civilization for ‘profit’ and ‘politics’.




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