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Medicinal Music and the 528LOVERevolution Part 2

Medicinal Music and the 528LOVERevolution Part 2
with Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Music Industry Evolves with Artists Re-tuning and Recording in the Newly Discovered “LOVE Frequency”
Los Angeles, CA — A revolution in the music industry is expanding globally fueled by recording artists convinced that A=444Hz “alternate tuning” spurs creativity and more harmony among band members and audiences.
When the Western World’s music was “standardized” in the late 1930s following Rockefeller Foundation recommendations to the British Standards Institute, a newly discovered “frequency of love” was squelched from performances.
What is this “good vibration of love” that recording artists are en-masse “tuning up” to?
Seeding A Revolution For the Love of Music
In 1998, Harvard-trained public health author and filmmaker, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, began advancing a number of reasons why music makers should “tune up” four cycles-per-second above the “standard (A=440Hz) tuning.”
Among those reasons is the “Power of Love” in music synchronizes your heart and nature’s “C” note that was set by God, or the “Master Composer and Conductor of the Universe,” at 528Hz, according to new discoveries.
“Tuning to A=444Hz generates C=528Hz,” explains Dr. Horowitz in his 17th book–The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, (Medical Veritas International, 2012). “The pure tone of ‘LOVE/528’ is arguably the most powerful and beneficial force in the universe, mathematically proven to be central to creation—to biology, organic chemistry, physics, electro-genetics, and simply that warm-fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when in love.”
The 528 frequency generates more ”ecstatic listening,” as it is called in musicology; and more “frisson”—those tingly sensations in your body causing goose-bumps on your skin associated with euphoria and a general feeling of well-being or ecstasy when listening to your favorite music.
Dr. Horowitz’s discoveries, since publishing the frequencies of the original Solfeggio musical scale in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse ( in 1998, have merged the creative arts and sciences with the “Power of LOVE,” increasingly influencing the music industry and what he christened the “528LOVERevolution.” His insights and recommendations for musicians are spreading like wildfire across the Internet and recording world, with studio engineers and artists integrating and applying the intelligence, and millions of people enjoying the results. Virtually unheard of ten years ago, a Google search on “528Hz” today generates nearly a quarter-million “hits.” 528 music enthusiasts on YouTube have gathered millions of devotees. Most of this popularity sources from Horowitz’s discoveries.
Artists in all genres have been drawn to his work, his recommendation of A=444Hz as an alternative tuning, because most “spiritually sensitive” performers immediately “feel” the difference in their hearts caused by the “good vibration” of “LOVE/528.”
Most seasoned artists credit their hearts as the source of their creative inspirations. An energy vortex in this area of the body, called the central “love chakra” in Oriental medicine, traditionally colored greenish-yellow, reflects the center of every rainbow. This is 528nm, Horowitz’s studies revealed.
The Science of Making “Miraculous Medicinal Music” with LOVE/528 Acoustics.
Like a radio wave or channel carrying a specific frequency, the heart of the sun, in fact the heart of the universe, transmits 528nm of light and 528Hz frequency of sound, according to mathematicians. Physicists have proved this “good vibration” of 528 resonates the heart of sacred geometry and physical reality.
Musical performers and audiences can “phase lock” into this “sweet spot,” that produces a most powerful harmonious, even healing, most loving natural vibration, and also spurs creative inspiration.
In fact, 528Hz—the “C” pitch when artists tune to A=444Hz, is the “MI” note in the original Solfeggio musical scale. According to classical musicians and mystery-school mathematicians, this “miracle tone” was believed to generate miracles.
Among the scholars teaching this theory was Aristotle–the founder of modern science–whose pioneering book Physics, ascribed physical reality to LOVE generated musically-mathematically.
Horowitz assembled this information in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of experts that included mathematicians, physicists, biochemists, musicologists, and acoustic scientists. They concluded that a musical-mathematical matrix broadcasts the universe into existence every nano-instant. They further assert that this know-how can be used best by musicians, like God’s creative technology, to help restore biology that has been damaged chemically or genetically.
Music-Makers Throng to Record in 528
Last year, Billboard Magazine reported that ASCAP Award winner, multiple Grammy Award nominee, Ameriee, produced an album–Cymatica, Vol 1—in 528Hz frequency to broadcast genetic healing. Her favor of that frequency was shared by John Lennon, who recorded several of his epic tracks in 528Hz including Imagine, #9 Dream, and Mind Games.
And it is rumored that Lennon discussed the “LOVE frequency” with the master of “simple love songs,” Paul McCartney, as evidenced by the unique mid-Band on the Run transition into 528Hz—“When the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun” is performed in 528. Curiously, both the sun and rain resonate in 528Hz, according to Horowitz’s review of science.
Multiple Grammy Award-winning classical composer Howard Prince was among the earliest musicians to integrate Horowitz’s teachings. He wrote, “Enjoy this journey and exploration through Dr. Horowiz’s associations and heart’s inspiration; . . . use this knowledge to become your unique manifestation of God’s Truth.”
Another artist doing just that is “The Jimi Hendrix of New Age Music,” Scott Huckabay, who recorded six albums during the past few years in 528Hz, and now performs exclusively using the C=528/A=444Hz tuning.
Seriously, 528Hz has taken the “New Age” market by storm, with sound healing award-winners Jonathan Goldman and Steven Halpern producing albums in the “frequency of LOVE.” Goldman’s Holy Harmony CD, inspired by Horowitz and his co-author, Dr. Joseph Puleo, became a best-seller in the New Age genre.
Keyboard players seem to be the most resistant, until they touch a synthesizer that has been “tuned up.” And piano players get jealous because their instruments are harder to “tune up,” although that didn’t stop John Lennon from recording Imagine, nor Daniel Kohler of Naples, Florida. Kohler, a piano manufacturer and tuning expert has remade a number of piano’s to accommodate the added stress on strings. “Wooden bridges warp from tighter strings,” he warns, “but not pianos made with granite bridges.”
“The sustains we get with granite piano bridges are unparalleled,” says Kohler, since becoming aware of Dr. Horowitz’s research. “My experiments with A=444Hz tuning, and compositions played in C=528Hz, have generated amazing results inlcuding healing miracles.”
Religious Music-Makers Unite in LOVE/528
Religious music makers are also retuning their instruments, especially since was launched by the non-profit Medical Veritas International, stewarded by Horowitz and journalist, Sherri Kane. The station plays 24/7 by donation, and is among several new stations in their 528RadioNetwork.
“We’ve heard from several church groups and choirs conducting services in LOVE/528,” Kane reported. “A friend of ours is an electrician and church musician who turned his group on to the frequency most supportive to Judeo-Christian theology. Jesus is all about LOVE, and 528 is believed to be the “key to the House of David.” The old and new testaments declare that this key “opens doors that no man can close, and closes doors that no man can open.” (Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8).
Music being the “Universal Language,” with concerts conducted to promote peace, many musicians are praying that this key opens ‘doors’ to people’s loving hearts, bringing humanity into harmony with this acoustic technology to co-create better life on earth.
In Judaism, the “Day of Atonement” is the holiest day of the year. Jewish people meditate and pray for Divine communion with rituals that Horowitz says relates spiritually to the energy of LOVE/528.
“The word atonement is a clue,” he explains. “A-tone-meant to be played to inscribe you into “the Book of Life;” or grant you ‘At-One-Meant’–embodying the truth that we are all One–connected metaphysically through God’s ‘Universal Language:’ The Music of LOVE in creation. This is why Levi priests perform musically on their holiest days.
Nature Makes Music in the Key of Love, Why Don’t You?
The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE heralds many amazing discoveries now changing the music and natural healing industries. For instance, the air you breathe is infused with LOVE/528 because the sun outputs 528nm/528Hz vibrating electrons. These strike plants producing oxygen from pure sunshine and chlorophyll–the greenish-yellow pigment of grass and leaves.
The chlorophyll molecule also owes its sacred geometry and organic chemistry to 528Hz frequency, primarily.
“That molecule, crucial for life and healing, was selected by green plants to produce the most bio-energy using 528Hz frequency,” explains Horowitz. “And its structure is virtually the same as human blood hemoglobin that carries the breath-of-life, infused with LOVE/528, to every cell in your body.
Indeed, without LOVE/528, physicians would not be able to diagnose or treat anything, says Horowitz, since physicists would not be able to measure space or time, and biochemists would not have organic chemistry to study. There would be no circles, pi, Phi or molecular structuring without the sacred geometry of 528Hz frequency. The carbon-6 ring in organic chemistry would cease to exist as it is formed fundamentally from LOVE/528Hz frequency.
Grass grows green with LOVE, not envy; and miles are measured in feet, 5280 to be exact, because of this medicinal “music of the light.”
All of this proves that nature manifests musically-mathematically. The award-winning doctor reasons: “God is like a Master Conductor and Chief Composer of a Universal Orchestra, constantly broadcasting LOVE songs in the ‘Key of 528’ to sustain and restore everything.”
Seasoned artists hear this inner broadcast, and they channel it like radios that transmit and entertain audiences, most creatively. So recording artists are best equipped to lead the 528LOVERevolution, and the planet back to healthy harmony.
“The music industry is being compelled to change,” says Horowitz, “because its paradigm is distorted and degenerative. Our overall mission is to co-create world peace, health, freedom, and prosperity in all ways. This is the message, and 528 music is the means.”
– end –
NOTE TO JOURNALISTS and OTHERS SEEKING MORE DETAILS: For review copies of Dr. Horowitz’s books, please call Sean McDermott at 1-800-336-9266. Dr. Horowitz is currently living in Hawaii, while directing development of the Steam Vent Inn & Health Retreat. (See: West coast, Southeast, New England, and Ontario media producers may arrange in-studio interviews with Dr. Horowitz when his schedule permits during upcoming travel in these areas.
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