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Tucker Carlson and Dr. Marc Siegel on Coronavirus ‘Mutant’ (Dec. 21, 2020)


Is Dr. Marc Siegal an Idiot?

An Opinion/Editorial


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


This segment shows how disgustingly deplorable and blatantly stupid the New York University and FOX News medical propagandist, Dr. Marc Siegel, is for concealing the most important facts; and otherwise knowing zilch, about the actual science underlying the COVID-19 lab virus, the mounting attack on civilization inducing public panic, and the criminal intent underlying both pursuant to the “Great Global Reset”.

As Carlson looks-on dumbfounded, Siegel makes light of the widespread panic and fear caused by the media’s coverage of the pandemic vis-a-vis complicit officials, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. In this way, Siegel and fellow media propagandists generate their paychecks and celebrity.

Siegel states that the “whole story of the pandemic” is this “panic and fear.”

Really, Dr. Siegel?

“What is the science here?” Siegel rhetorically asks. “Viruses change all the time,” he comforts. They “mutate”– a word from science that Siegel attributes to Hollywood.

Perhaps this doctor suffered a lobotomy, erasing from his memory that there are hundreds of viral vaccine labs worldwide that mutate viruses. Altogether these labs grow (by cell culture or injections into animals or people) these mutant viruses.

Thus, thousands of mutant strains of viruses are manufactured and distributed. Supposedly, they are needed for cancer research and vaccine development. At least that’s the con-job justifying these risky actions. Siegel conceals the ‘dual use’ these mutants conceal in both vaccinology and the military for depopulating bioweaponry.

Google search, for instance, “coronavirus-SARS-HIV mutant” and you will get more than 2 million hits. Many source from esteemed peer-reviewed science journals, not simply Hollywood or quacks.

Siegal blunders that these mutants are, “almost always inconsequential.”

Then he states: “That’s why scientists don’t tell about them.”

What horseshit! Only a medically-trained imbecile would claim scientists choose to hide the risks of lab virus mutants because they are “almost always inconsequential.” Those who are informed hold their tongues for fear of losing their jobs or grants.

What about the presumably ‘rare’ lab outbreak that COVID-19 is evidenced to be?

What about that ‘exception’ to Siegel’s ‘inconsequential’ viral mutations? Is the leukemia/lymphoma/sarcoma SIV(chimpanzee) virus ‘inconsequential’ after having sourced HIV/AIDS and killing more than 40 million people worldwide?

Is it inconsequential that an effective AIDS-vaccine has evaded science for the same reason a new mutant strain of COVID-19/20/21 has emerged? By the time the vaccine is made multiple mutations/’reassortments’/recombinations have happened making the vaccine impotent. Is it inconsequential that both HIV and the COVID-19 virus is similarly unstable, because it is a ‘mutagen’–a lab engineered unstable virus that easily mutates?

Is it further inconsequential, moron Siegel, that HIV sourced much like this new faster-spreading coronavirus mutant has broken out in England? With HIV, the predecessor virus was from an animal–the simian immuno-deficiency virus mutant came from the chimpanzee virus (SIVcpz). That was made by the bioweapons-contractor and vaccine virus supplier, Litton Bionetics. This group shipped these mutants and lab animals to Merck & Co. for the gay/Black hepatitis B vaccines that triggered the AIDS pandemic. How different is that history from what is happening now with COVID-19/20/21 . . . .

Concealing these facts (as the media does) is not an inconsequential ‘fraudulent concealment.’ Siegel conceals the substantive science evidencing HIV-1 genes are in the COVID-19 ‘Spike protein’ that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are massively reproducing throughout society. This further mutates the COVID-19 coronavirus-SARS mutant to become like ‘respiratory AIDS.’

Both viruses, HIV and the subject coronavirus, have now been determined to be ‘retroviruses’ that similarly corrupts DNA to output more and more of the immune-system sabotaging ‘antigens.’

Yet, Siegel still stupidly believes this COVID pathogen emerged from a bat flying hundreds-of-miles away from the Wuhan meat market that never sold any ‘bat steak’!

“The one time they [scientists] talk about these mutants,” Siegel added, is in the rare instance that the virus becomes more transmissible.”

Again, incredible bullshit. There are hundreds-of-thousands of scientific articles detailing viral-transmission studies that scientists worldwide have talked about annually at conferences for the past seventy-years.

Real Science Dr. Siegel Evades and Conceals

According the Wall Street Journal (December 20, 2020; also owned by FOX News’ owner, Rupert Murdoch, who is heavily invested in the drug cartel and profits from drug advertisements) the new hyper-transmissible COVID strain emerged in the UK, and quickly accounted for 62% of the new cases.

But at least one intelligent reader raised the most reasonable concern given the science underlying the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “genetic therapies” (i.e., not actually a “vaccine” in the traditional sense). Investigator J.T. Kong responded concerning the surge in hyper-transmissible cases by stating, “This follows the inoculation of 350,000 with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.”

This researcher continued, “Per the British Medical Journal, this emergent strain VUI-202012/01 primarily differs from 614G (prior dominant strain) by a N501Y mutation in the spike protein that the virus uses to bind to the human ACE2 receptor.”

It should be known that this COVID-19 “mutation in the spike protein” alters the exact section of the virus containing the aforementioned lab-added (four) gene sequences that have been solidly demonstrated to have sourced from the AIDS-virus, HIV-1.

“Just last month,” the Kong quoted, “researchers at University College London warned we need to remain vigilant for genetic changes to Sars-Cov-2, based on the imminent introduction of vaccines which may ‘exert new selective pressures on the virus.'”

“Given that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are specifically-designed to create novel in vivo spike proteins, do we now need to be vigilant to the possibility that the N501Y mutation is being induced by mRNA vaccine ‘selection pressure’?”

A most reasonable and urgent question.

In other words, could the new mRNA vaccines have caused the hyper-transmissible mutant to emerged. Not only is this a most reasonable and alarming theory, but also a PREDICTED outcome broadcast by this author (Horowitz) in numerous videos, radio interviews, and online publications.

Big Pharma-trolls’ Frivolous and Capricious Denials

Shortly after Kong posted his question and concern, he was met with the following opposition from “Robert Kuchta”.

“It is unclear if the mutation you cite is the reason this virus is more infectious.”

The use of the word “unclear” lends credence to Kong’s thesis.

“This strain has a large number of other mutations as well, any of which could also contribute to its increased infectivity.”

Notice respondent Kuchta neglected to cite where those other “large number of mutations” have occurred. A competent scientist or critic would have cited these, suggesting Kuchta is neither.

“If interested,” Kuchta continued, “I could go into the biochemistry of why the mutation in the spike protein may (stress may) not be responsible for the increased infectivity.”

If that were the case, if biochemistry supersedes ‘mRNA genetic re-programming’ (which it doesn’t) then for the benefit of WSJ readers, Kuchta’s explanation would have been beneficial, but not at all exculpatory.

“The vaccine is not the cause of the mutations.”

Frankly, that is a stupid and reckless statement, akin to those made by Dr. Siegel. This statement could not have been posted by a legitimate scientist or research scholar. That ‘conclusory statement’ raises probable cause to presume respondent Kuchta is a dimwit or ‘Pharma-troll,’ precisely like Siegel.

The Pharma-troll continued with his frivolous and capricious denial, “[S]imply because the vaccine and resulting immunity has not been around long enough.”

FACT: The Pfizer vaccine was approved and administered forthwith on December 3, 2020. That means the Spike protein mutation occurred approximately one-to-two weeks after hundreds of thousands of Brits had been given the DNA modulating ‘therapy’. That is plenty of time for multiple mutations to have occurred, enabling the reported increase in the virus’s transmissibility.

Next, the Pharma-troll propagandist, Kuchta, ‘showed his hand.’

“Will the spike protein mutation affect the immunity provided by the vaccine – most likely no, but only time will tell.”

Kong never questioned the impact the mutation(s) might have on the efficacy of the Pfizer or Moderna injections.

“The selection pressure induced by the vaccine is no different than the selection pressure exerted by the large number of people already infected,” the Pharma-troll added.

However, taking this second baseless ‘conclusory’ statement devoid of science on its face, it claims that the vaccine delivers the same “selection pressure” as the general circulating virus. But that is unreasonable because the mutation occurred on the precise spike-protein that the vaccine mass-produces, far-and-away above what the general circulating viruses replicate.

To the above frivolous and capricious misinformation, Pharma-troll Kuchta added, “An infection is the best ‘vaccine’ you can get in terms of developing an immune response.”

If that is the case, then why vaccinate at all? Surely “herd immunity” is the objective to save the most lives. So why not just allow the natural transmissions to advance naturally?

The answer is that the Big Pharma/Big Tech/Big Media/Big Banking/Big Military Global Elite targeting civilization for a global, geopolitical and economic takeover–a coup–integrating all of this: the propaganda, fears, vaccination hype, imposed manipulations of the populations, are administering these objectives in advance of the “Great Global Reset” and global fascism.

Mounting Opposition to Pharma-troll Misinformation

Kong replied to Kuchta as follows: “Robert, according to Professor Julian Hiscox, chair in infection and global health at the University of Liverpool, there is no evidence that VUI-202012/01 (the dominant strain in the UK) will respond to the current vaccine,” Robert wrote.

“Also, both Prof Hiscox and Dr. Zania Stamataki, viral immunologist at the University of Birmingham, are indicating it is very likely we will need multiple vaccines to deal with these fast moving mutations.

“Given these expert opinions, I would appreciate if you could provide the basis for your statement that the ‘spike mutation’ most likely will not affect the immunity provided by the mRNA vaccine.”

The Pharma-troll did not respond to Kong’s challenges.


Kong concluded much like I have regarding the “mutations and vaccine effectiveness.”

“For influenza we supposedly need new vaccines each year. The reason for this is that influenza is considered a ‘shape shifter.’ [Dr. Siegel made light of this in the FOX News segment.] One or a couple of mutations in the influenza surface proteins can completely change their surface shape (what the immune system reacts to) such that it is ridiculously easy for a new strain of influenza to avoid or dominate the immune system.

“It is clearly worrisome that the human immune response to the other 4 endemic coronaviruses is not long-lasting. The other four (4) coronaviruses endemic to humans that cause common ‘colds’ do not appear to have this ‘shape-shifting’ ability in nature. This fact suggests that Covid-19/20/21 would not be a shape-shifter by nature. Only by man-made ‘scientific’ or imposed ‘public health’ interventions, such as we see now with genetically-modified germs and vaccinations, are these risks raised. With these new viruses, you can be reinfected by the identical virus within about a year (at least in kids where there is the best data) based on their ‘mutagenicity.’

This is the perfect intentional result sought by the global elite profiting from civilization’s depopulation and the mass chaos we witness.




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