LOVE JOY FAITH BRAVERY and 528 MUSIC by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

LOVE JOY FAITH BRAVERY and 528 MUSIC by Dr Leonard Horowitz

The world needs a miracle–the “MIracle 6” of 528Hz frequency of music to be precisde. LOVE, JOY, FAITH, BRAVERY and 528 MUSIC is in your heart, according to award-winning author and humanitarian, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who claims these virtues have been suppressed for millennia by the Illuminati.
Herein the crusader of righteousness and nemesis of BigPharma explains the secrets of physical creation through acoustic vibrations, and how the sound of LOVE/528Hz, and “Spirit/Water,” activates your DNA with God’s “Music of the Light” for planet-wide healing.
It is understandable that this most powerful creative technology would be suppressed by the Illuminati. The doctor’s blessing here can free humanity completely from the present slavery, petrochemical-pharmaceutical toxicity, environmental pollution, and spiritual suppression. This amazing contribution fulfills “End Times” prophesy.
If you want to survive, better yet thrive, watch this awedsome lecture that will have you laughing, crying, and evolving into a more meaningful life.
Help advance the “528LOVERevolution” — a timely remedy for the world deadliest urgencies. 528Hz—the “MI” or miracle note of the original Solfeggio musical scale—broadcasts from the heart of the Creator, the center of rainbows, and core of the sun. 528 is fundamental to pyramids, circles, squares, and snowflakes. It is central to Carbon-6 organic chemistry. This “Miracle 6” sound generates those “warm fuzzy feelings” in your heart, that is LOVE.
This is why music lovers worldwide are transposing their albums and tracks into 528Hz, and musicians and vocalists worldwide are retuning their instruments and voices to the 528Hz frequency. (Use A=444Hz instead of A-440Hz “standard tuning.”)
The results are spiritually uplifting and miraculously healing.
Tune into this incredible blessing and celebrate your relationship to God, nature, and other people in ways you never imagined. Every blade of grass resonates 528 to maximize its energy, sustainability, and LOVE frequency. The universe is “phase-locked” into LOVE from the heart of the Creator. Simply listening to the pure tone of 528 opens people’s hearts like nothing else can. Isn’t it time you tuned to God’s music like the stars in the cosmos?
(Note: Dr. Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and staff apologize for the very poor quality of videotape they were provided of this historic lecture for this production. We are withholding identification of the unprofessional recording company as a professional courtesy.)

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