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Revolution Television

Part 2 – Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Mark Robertson, Sherri Kane and James Spencer Discuss the Last Sermon of Prince

The Last Sermon of Prince is discussed in this riveting video discussion (Part 2 of 3). The producers present a “spiritual discussion” from the living room of award-winning author and pioneer of the “528LOVERevolution”–Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Following the doctor and his friends viewing of Prince’s “Last Sermon” (i.e., “Prelude to the ‘One Song’ track) they held and recorded this fascinating interchange.

Dr. Horowitz and company dialoging on the Last Sermon of Prince here, features four extraordinary people who loved Prince, his artistic creativity, and the spiritual messages the rock icon left behind. Discussants include the award-winning hip hop artist and Australian filmmaker, Mark Robertson, the and developer, journalist Sherri Kane, and Pastor James Spencer, a modern day prophet serving the “144,000 Ministry” from “Sin City”–Las Vegas, NV.

Humanity, according to Prince’s “Last Sermon,” and the discussants, seriously needs to awaken to its spiritual Source, and quiet the noisy ego-driven mind (i.e., internal dialogue) that engages fears and patterns of distress, undermining the peace, health, happiness and natural power of creative inspiration flowing within. The Last Sermon of Prince discussed here, is an excellent resource for the awakening masses, inspired by Prince and that natural “Creative Energy” in each of us.

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