Journalist Whistleblowers Vet Vaccine Genocide and COINTELPRO PATCON Propagandists Alex Jones & Dr. True Ott

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

Journalist Whistleblowers Vet Vaccine Genocide and COINTELPRO PATCON Propagandists Alex Jones & Dr. True Ott

Journalists/Whistleblowers–Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Jane Burgermeister–produced this special “Insight Hour” ( interview to expose how pandemic frights (e.g., the 2009 “Swine Flu Outbreak”) are generated for profit and population control, breaking new ground on how media propagandists, including celebrity broadcaster Alex Jones, and “Dr. ‘True’ Ott,” operate as part of COINTELPRO (i.e., the National Security Agency’s Counter-Intelligence Program administered through the FBI and CIA) to generate fear and propaganda (disinformation) to deceive people into engaging frightful distractions rather than offering real solutions to the world’s gravest risks posed by multi-national corporations, in this case “BigPharma.”
Jane Burgermeister and Dr. Horowitz were both targeted by COINTELPRO–agent provocateurs using the Internet and media to discredit them as legitimate whistleblowers. Their character assassinations were done to help the COINTELPRO generate “Controlled Opposition,” that is, fake leaders (double agents) that protest crimes against We The People, but offer no solutions and discredit themselves in the process. Controlled Opposition shills are easily discredited as “fringe,” or typically discounted as “whackos.” So serious debate and remedies are avoided to benefit the status-quo investments in organized crime. Political movements and activist organizations are thus stymied by this deliberate “counter-intelligence” activity shielding racketeering and organized criminals–in this case global genocidalists directing the drug cartel, poisoning populations with deadly vaccines, and commercializing vaccine injuries through “modern medicine” profiting from humanity’s suffering.
In this rare interview, Horowitz and Burgermeister, with Kane’s insightful commentary, mend damages to their relationships and reputations caused by the fake “Dr. ‘True’ Ott” who infiltrated the alternative media and natural healing industry as Horowitz’s competitor, to defame Horowitz and destroy his businesses and business relationships. Burgermeister was one of Ott’s targets. Her collaboration with Horowitz was effectively neutralized by Ott’s co-agitators abusing the media and Internet. Ott’s defamation of Horowitz drove a wedge between Burgermeister and Horowitz before either journalist realized Ott’s counter-intelligence activities and loyalties to the evils of BigPharma.
Listen and learn from these truth-tellers and international heroes. This unique program features the world’s best informed experts, first hand victims, of the COINTELPRO.

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