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Jimmy Dore exposes Deep State Big Pharma

Comedian and host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” Jimmy Dore joined FNC’s Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening to discuss the situation in Iowa where the state Democratic Party claims to have made a tabulation error, delaying the release of the results.

TUCKER CARLSON: I’m not a conspiracy guy. I don’t think I’m paranoid. I’m looking at the accumulation of facts, which grows larger every day. I’m starting to think there is a real effort not in public but behind the scenes to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination by the Democratic establishment. Am I imagining that?

JIMMY DORE: You are not imagining that. When I look at what is happening in the Democratic primary and especially what is happening now in Iowa, what I think is not only is democracy alive, but it’s thriving.

TUCKER CARLSON: That’s a good point.

JIMMY DORE: This is really, of course, this is the DNC right by where they took over the counting of the votes. Did you know that they took over the counting of the votes? The DNC came in. Apparently they don’t have anybody who knows how to count stuff in Iowa so they have to have the DNC come in. I don’t know if you know, the DNC rigged the last primary against Bernie Sanders. Those are the same people, and by the way, the same people who rigged the primary against Bernie last time are the ones involved in making this app, right?

So they got a bunch of people who worked on Hillary’s campaign that work now at “Shadow,” and they helped build this app. All of a sudden — here’s the thing, Tucker, I have seen Glenn Greenwald make this point before. If these were honest mistakes, you would expect some of the mistakes to go in Bernie’s favor and some to go in the DNC’s favor. But all the mistakes are always going in the establishment’s favor. That’s how you know these aren’t mistakes.

By the way, when they released those 62% of the vote they are going to release those results, how do they decide to stop at 62%? Where is the transparency? Why did they pick those counties? There is no transparency. This is obviously — how are they going to cheat Bernie? This is how they do it. If you know what the headline was all day yesterday and today on cable news, on CNN and MSNBC, is Pete Buttigieg is in the lead. He is retaining his lead. That’s the story they want everybody to know. And that’s what half the country now thinks is that Pete Buttigieg won Iowa.

TUCKER CARLSON: So many levels of irony here. Pick out of a hat here is one. Some of the same people who are rejudge tailgating this propaganda, counting the votes in Iowa are the same ones who spent the last three years telling us that Russia was subverting our democracy and that the sanctity of elections was the most important thing in American life. Are you noticing this?

JIMMY DORE: I am noticing that, apparently Russians work for Shadow, and they run the Iowa Democratic Party.

Apparently, because so, yeah, of course, I was one of the few shows that debunked Russiagate and saw through that. This is all kind of tied together because Russiagate is the result of the failure of the Democratic party to present a platform that gets people who want to vote Democrat off the couch to vote for them. So they can’t actually offer them anything because they are beholden to their donors the same people who control the Republican Party control the Democratic Party. We don’t really have two parties, right?

So they have to do Russiagate and impeachment and all these circus shows, right? To distract you from the fact that the Democratic Party doesn’t represent workers anymore, that they actually represent big pharma, health insurance, the military-industrial complex, and Wall Street. That’s why all this is happening and that’s why they have to cheat Bernie Sanders, because he is going to upset their game, their money game. That’s why they have got to stop him before. The first job of the Democratic Party is to stop the candidate who represents the workers and then and only then can they turn their attention towards Donald Trump.

TUCKER CARLSON: Is that why we never have debates about the tax code? We spent spend a lot of time on bathrooms and these kinds of peripheral social issues. I can’t remember the last time somebody talked about carried interest. Can you?

JIMMY DORE: Tucker, as Nancy Pelosi is ripping up Donald Trump’s speech, she is passing his legislative agenda. And, also, if you watched closely last night, you got to see her applaud Donald Trump’s imperialism when it comes vis-a-vis Venezuela. I know you did good work on Venezuela. We all know these foreign entanglements are just CIA plots that steel resources and give it to American corporations. They admitted so much. John Bolton admittd on FOX News that’s what Venezuela was. You saw the one-party rule last night. You saw Nancy Pelosi applauding and getting up with Juan Guaido, who is a CIA appointed puppet leader of Venezuela. So you saw that’s the part I like to call out. That’s when they are both in bed with the intelligence community. They are both in bed with the military-industrial complex and so, yeah, you are right. We are not talking about real things. We are talking about Russiagate and phone calls to Ukraine.

We are never going to talk about why wouldn’t the Democrats have complete control of the government? They gave us a right-wing healthcare plan anyway. Oh, maybe because there aren’t really two parties. There is one party in America. And they’re both controlled by big business.

TUCKER CARLSON: Jimmy Dore, you will take so much abuse for doing this show. But I hope you will come back. Few independent thinkers. Thank you.


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