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COVID COUP: The Rise of the Fourth Reich is an explosive analysis of the corrupted science, politics, and main players in the scheme to vaccinate, depopulate, and terminate civilization


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Date Mailed: November 15, 2021

For Immediate Release

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Las Vegas (; 11-15-21)—The world’s most successful health science author, filmmaker, and “bioenergy medicine” entrepreneur, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, has released a free-view video and Kindle book exposing the money, power, and agenda of the “global elite” behind the ”COVID COUP,” related bioweapons, and civilization’s intended extinction.

COVID COUPThe plot features endless vaccinations imposing the “Final Solution” for “overpopulation,” “transhumanism,” and “Big Brother’s” control. The source and significance of the virus and its mutants are revealed as the “devil-doers” advance artificial intelligence (“AI”) for civilization’s transformation into a race blending biology with micro-machinery, reinventing society. Elite leaders finance humanity’s obedience to body, mind, and spirit replacement with eventual demise.

If that’s not revealing enough to shell out $60 for the hardcover, and $39 for the  600+ pg. Kindle paperback, the Harvard-trained science scholar presents the remedy in “the future of medicine that is now called ‘frequency therapeutics’” right out of his third national best-seller, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse first published in 1998. The title and intelligence was extraordinarily prophetic; as was his Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare that came out three months before the 9/11 “terrorist attacks.”

In COVID COUP: “The Rise of the Fourth Reich,” published by the 501(c) non-profit, Medical Veritas International, Inc., Dr. Horowitz considers known vaccine risks versus “falsely alleged benefits” in the context of the money and power behind civilization’s “criminal conversion” into vaccine-induced ‘Transhumanism.’

“Tiny devices in the vaccine-coating ‘hydrogel’ are much smaller than your DNA,” Dr. Horowitz explains. “The biotechnology genetically imposes instructions to redirect your corrupted genome. You shed and spread the ‘gain-of-function’ antigen wreaking havoc with our immune and nervous systems. The new biotechnology enables wireless ‘biomedical surveillance’ for more cartel profit and power after money flowed to Wuhan, Harvard and MIT, key labs in the COVID COUP.”

Challenging the religious world and vaccine resisters, according to the COVID COUP, the Deep State’s scheme employs scientific fraud, cover-ups, and “ungodly” nano-bioelectronic neuroscience.

Records prove DARPA and Moderna financed developments of the mRNA vaccines for what amounts to a global “racketeering enterprise.” Vaccine mandates have been imposed to prompt “evil obedience” and “altered consciousness.”

Aside from the ‘unconscionable’ social, economic, and political implications of Big Pharma’s imposed artificial intelligence (“AI”) and injected “nano-bots,” enables whole body “data-mining,” wireless brain-Cloud signaling, all effectively immunizing against spirituality using damaging frequencies of energy. These, the doctor concludes, were in the music played during the tragic Astroworld Festival with Travis Scott.

“Holy Spiritual energy always does all the healing and protecting regardless of drugs or vaccines used.” The doctor, who is a Levitical priest by bloodline, warns the religious world by scouring the science that has been secreted for the “New World Religion

Dr. Horowitz is an award-winning health science scholar who left Harvard’s faculty to engage the dark world of vaccinology, public health, behavioral medicine and media persuasion. The HIV/AIDS expert is the author of the number one best-selling book in these fields titled, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?  He examines and translates difficult science into language most people can understand while revealing every aspect of the “plandemic” that has remained hidden, misrepresented, intentionally concealed, or dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by the “insiders” and their media.

Summarily, COVID COUP delivers irrefutable evidence, expert analysis, and convincing arguments not only required to save lives, but indict those responsible in government, industry, and the media, most responsible for the plague killing of millions.




COVID COUP AUTHORNOTE TO JOURNALISTS: E-mail your questions and interview requests to A photo of Dr. Horowitz and the COVID Coup bookcover is attached. The title may be purchased through Amazon or direct through The doctor’s free video overview of the book is linked HERE.





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