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Healthy World Ambassadors Level 1 Training Part 8

Healthy World Ambassadors Level 1 Training Part 8

Healthy World Ambassadors save lives by increasing their knowledge, thus embrace continuing education. Ambassadors earn higher commissions than Affiliates, because of their greater knowledge and commitment, and can gain a doctorate in Natural Medicine through our World Organization for Natural Medicine affiliation.

Healthy World Ambassadors

Level 1 Training

Parts 1-8

View the following videos, stop and study, listen and learn, and take notes as needed. Ambassadors advance their education to complete a written examination for their HWO certification and higher commissions. Ambassadors can then pursue of a doctoral degree in Natural Medicine.

Begin by receiving, completing, and submitting your examination after studying the following LEVEL I training. Use the link at the bottom of this page to register to receive credit through the World Organization for Natural Medicine’s University of Humanitarian Medicine (UHM) and the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine (CCHM). See details below.

Your tuition helps sponsor the Clinics for Humanity Project, and other great causes.

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