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Illuminati Connections to Harvard’s COVID Co-Conspirator, Charles Lieber, Convicted by Lying by FBI Liars

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charles lieber

Foreword by

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(; December 21, 2020)

As the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas International, Inc., I often receive ‘breaking news’ from experts in COVID science and politics. Based on this knowledge, I have authored and produced several award-winning books and films covering: viral mutations; lab-engineered bioweapons; terroristic-threatening through media propaganda; depopulation achieved via poisonous vaccinations; censoring or discrediting vaccination side-effects and all opposition to Big Pharma’s vaccines and drugs; and suppression of available natural alternatives to remedy these pathologies. Given this depth of controversial intelligence, it is hard for me to accept the debilitating rampant ignorance, naivety, and denialistic submission massacreing populations.Society, including esteemed scientists and scholars, has been seduced by the corporate-controlled media to submit to COVID-politics and mounting genocide. Science scholars and media investigators can “follow the money” to see Big Pharma’s increasing morbidity and mortality is rooted in the banking industry and allied (willfully-blind) stockholders. This underlies the politics and economics of subverted “science” and “pseudoscience.”

But people generally remain oblivious to such geopolitics and economics. Investment bankers operating at the deepest levels of this global corruption are recklessly neglected. Criminal psychopaths administering millions of murders, and justifying their mass killings to secure increasing wealth and power, remain concealed.

Rarely does someone offer solutions and accurate diagnoses beyond “controlled opposition.” The most celebrated critics and opponents of ‘vaccinecide’ (i.e., iatrogenocide) still favor vaccinations regardless of the suppressed and corrupted science tainting the industry.  Substantial monopolistic money-laundering and special-interest bias and influence taints scholarly investigations and the obstruction of justice by Department of Justice officials and seemingly honorable journalists. Rather than mining the depths of evidence, corrupted agents, agencies, and institutions profit their enterprises concealing facts and issuing deadly and damaging deceptions. Rarely does anyone judiciously indict these devil-doers.

Now, you are about to read a refreshing change in a wealth of knowledge published by “anonymous authors” under the “Americans for Innovation” banner.

Background in the Criminal Case Against Harvard’s Charles Lieber, with FBI and Intelligence Community Complicity in the COVID Vaccine Cover-up

I previously wrote an article exposing the “inner circle” of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s cohorts in the COVID-19 lab origin cover-up and genocide, as it relates to mRNA vaccination biocrimes against humanity.

"It is public knowledge," I wrote, "that the Pfizer and Moderna
mRNA vaccines feature more than genetic material; more than even the
concealed genes from the AIDS virus, HIV-1, weaponizing the SARS-CoV-2
spike protein that enables 'gain-of-function' virus to be
hyper-transmissible." I explained that "[w]orse than the ravages of
injecting spike protein antigens warned against by Harvard’s famed mRNA
vaccine technology developer, Robert Malone;
and worse than the neglected ‘antigenic complexes’ formed throughout
the bodies of gullible consumers, the actual 'game changer' has been

I exposed the fact that these most “novel” vaccines include “hydrogels” suitable for nano-bioelectronic data-mining–surveillance and “frequency therapeutics.” This biotechnology, largely developed at Harvard and MIT with U.S. military and NIH financing, is akin to whole body, mind, and ‘spirit’ surveillance and humanity’s subversion.

These Big Pharma ‘electro-genetic’ innovations evolved from the public/private investors who panicked on January 31, 2020, following the publication of the infamous ‘Indian paper.’ These agents and agencies within Fauci’s ‘inner circle’ administered an emergency “teleconference” to plot their ‘damage control,’ to censor and spin the authoritative science that decreed spliced HIV-1 genes provided a substantial part of the “Spike protein” lab creation considered a transmission accelerator. This most important military bioweaponry and vaccine technology is of utmost interest to the ‘National Security Crime Syndicate’ and its Anglo-Chinese totalitarian influence.

This scientific knowhow and severe risk to civilization was pioneered by especially Charles Lieber in his Lab at Harvard, and Lieber’s partner at MIT, Robert Langer at the “Langer Lab.” Harvard and MIT’s ‘Deep State’ science experts, Lieber and Langer, co-published their nano-biolectronic research and developments long before their inventions were criminally concealed to accomplice the COVID crisis. Aside from the NIH, DARPA and BARDA, Lieber and Langer received co-funding from the UK and China. These agents, agencies, and academic institutions prospered from their investments in the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines, particularly. The little-known hydrogel vaccine coating delivery device is capable of transmitting powerful nano-bioelectronics to submissive humans. These largely secreted technologies engage in data-mining and presumably brain-cloud communications. This neuroscience is smaller than your own DNA, and more powerful than natural neurotransmitters.

“There is no doubt that Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s cronies in the CIA and Mega group,” I reported, “were major investors in these advancing nano-biotechnologies.” These injectables promised massive profits from data-mining and brain-Cloud functions with artificials intelligence, robotics, and cyborgs. These are keys to the ‘transhumanism’ movement. They are also essential in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution (‘4IR’)” as espoused by World Economic Forum founder, and Bill Gates’s partner, Klaus Schwab.

I detailed these associations and nefarious operations extensively in  COVID COUP: “The Rise of the Fourth Reich.”

Commercial partnerships central to this biocrime syndicate feature Moderna’s co-founder and MIT entrepreneur Robert Langer. Langer’s Acuitas Company is partnered with the CIA’s OpGen Company. These are major entities “behind the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine,” according to public knowledge.

Langer’s partner is Pieter Cullis, the co-founder of Acuitas Therapeutics. Beyond Moderna’s vaccine, this group is instrumental to the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine as well. The CIA’s OpGen Company, therefore, and Robert Langer’s Acuitas Company, are vicariously partnered in Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech’s commercial operatings profiting from COVID-19.

Geopolitical, financial, and biological engineering to advance profiteering AND ‘transhumanism’ must be presumed by these facts.

According to a December 14, 2021 diversionary article published in, presumably covering the FBI’s criminal indictment of Charles Lieber, reporters claimed the “key focus” in Lieber’s trial is “on false statements he allegedly made to federal agencies. Prosecutors allege that Lieber lied to or misled the US Department of Defense (DOD) and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), from which he had received at least $15 million in grants since 2008.” This is a classic example of diversionary coverage–dangerous and deadly propaganda.
The diversion conceals crimes against humanity, including genocide, biowarfare, and bioterrorism, committed to consummate the “Great Global Geopolitical and Economic Reset” and totalitarian control over civilization’s subversion and conversion to AI administered transhumanism.
According to the official propaganda the outcome in Lieber’s case concerns foreign scientific collaborations, especially those with China. “Scientists in China say the US government crackdown is harming collaborations,” Nature reported. “The Chinese government has also criticized the initiative as politically motivated.”
The history of Charles Lieber’s family and commercial connections to Big Tech’s frequency-based media technology companies, RCA and NBC; and best explains why the FBI lied about Lieber’s transfer of “car battery” technology to China’s military. The FBI also concealed Lieber’s work with Langer on vaccine nano-bioelectronics for optimal population control
The report by Americans for Innovation reprinted below in large part tracks Lieber’s conflicting financial interests and shady associations with the Rothschild banking family of Europe and “the British Empire’s drive for permanent global control” through Anglo-American federalism and corporatism.
CLICK HERE to read the full report.

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