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GLOBALIZATION VACCINATIONS by Dr. Leonard Horowitz hosted by John Moore on RBN

In “Globalization Vaccinations,” Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz details the “Big Picture” of what is really happening geopolitically, economically, and militarily in the COVID pandemic, hosted by “The Liberty Man”–John Moore–on Republic Broadcasting Network (“RBN”)

RBN is the oldest and most trusted source of intelligence cherished by “right wing” conservative Americans. Here, however, Dr. Horowitz fuses all political, racial, and religious divisions by presenting a comprehensive analysis of “discovery” evidence emerging from his unprecedented lawsuit against Pfizer, Moderna, Hearst, and Henry Schein, Inc.

Herein, Dr. Horowitz charges the co-defendants (i.e., co-conspirators) with far more than unfair and deceptive trade damaging him and his scholarly religious leadership. His standing before the court is justified by his “religious commerce” advancing safe, natural, low cost, and highly effective alternatives to Big Pharma’s monopolizing competition.

Dr. Horowitz pioneered, brought to market, and was libeled and financially damaged for being a leader in the “anti-vaccination movement” and selling his anti-viral vaccination alternative, “OxySilver with 528Hz frequency.”

Here (and elsewhere) he charges the defendants with GENOCIDE. He explains how and why they are advancing with covert agents and agencies the mass killing or enslaving of civilization for so-called “National Security” and “Public Health.” It’s actually for ‘GLOBALIZATION,’ the “Final Solution,” and the “Great Global Reset.”

You will want to view this excellent graphically-depicted narrative with a pen and paper. Dr. Horowitz provides here stunning evidentiary exhibits. Take notes. Study this intelligence. Let these shocking facts sink in. Then share this video labor-of-love with everyone you trust and hold dear.


About Dr. Horowitz

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is the author of the world’s best-selling oldest-running book in the field of emerging viruses and communicable diseases. He is battling for humanity the Pfizer drug company and its affiliates for concealing evidence proving a conspiracy involving U.S. military agents, agencies, and their media. The defendants have committed civil rights abuses against religious leaders for prompting ‘vaccination hesitancy’ that is considered a risk to U.S. National Security. Dr. Horowitz is among those being targeted and damaged for his spiritual/religious leadership and vaccine-risk whistleblowing through these dark ‘End Times.”

Horowitz filed his lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine makers, their advertisers, and distributors in early December, 2020. He claims corrupted science, genetically-engineered viruses, and DNA corrupting mRNA vaccines, risks people’s health and safety, and has damaged him personally, professionally, and commercially.

globalization vaccinationsDr. Horowitz claims the defendants have committed unfair competition, deceptive trade, and religious freedom deprivations against him and his colleagues. The drug syndicate’s advertisers, including Hearst, Conde Naste, and Forbes, smeared the doctor and his OxySilver product in national publications.

The Harvard-trained public health scholar is also a Levitical priest advocating for The Royal Bloodline of David. He is suing to secure his right to compete against the drug cartel using more natural products based on Bible laws and a vitally-important Bible code decryption revealed in 1998 with his prophetic publication Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Advocating for the religious world, and for “religious commerce,” Dr. Horowitz pioneered a competing anti-microbial called “OxySilverTM with 528”. He has advertised it as a “Holy Water” for years. Subsequently, the “528Hz frequency wave” was repeatedly proven in scientific studies to positively impact body chemistry, boost immunity, and normalize mRNA function and DNA gene expression.

All the above facts give the doctor “standing” to bring the claims he has brought against the devil-doers. He claims “tortious interference” with religious commerce that competes directly against, and opposes, risky vaccines and antibiotics. He also claims his religious rights are being deprived by officials in the “public/private” (government/corporate) enterprise in apposite to the Cartel’s  justification for secrecy undermining society’s bio-defenses and U.S. National Security.

globalization vaccinations

Consequently, Horowitz asked the court for immediate “discovery” to prevent more “irreparable harm”. He was denied this reasonable and urgent relief.

Background on the Military Industrial Complex

“Since 2016, with the passage of the National Biodefense Strategy Act,” Dr. Horowitz explained, “when Hearst defamed me and also Dr. Andrew Wakefield for our vaccination risk-awareness activism, defamatory media attacks increased.

“Wakefield advanced the film VAXXED, and I produced UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert de Niro. My film won five international awards, including ‘Best Film-2016” ‘at the World International Film Festival in London and Geneva for revealing the U.S. Military connections to the National Security Agency’s (“NSA”) covert ‘vaccine hesitancy’ strategy.

Anti-Vaccination Hypocrites · Medical Veritas Inc.

“Col. Stanley McChrystal’s group was commissioned to defeat all opposition to ‘herd immunity,” especially religious opposition. My opposition was supported by Obama’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. That put me on the drug cartel’s covert action ‘hit list.’ Rev. Wright blamed the U.S. Government for HIV/AIDS and cited my research as evidence. He recommended my best-selling book on CNN as convincing evidence, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?.”



The Remedy is the Frequency

The doctor’s lawsuit brings claims for unfair and deceptive trade, civil rights violations, and religious freedom deprivation by Pfizer and others. Advocating for consumer health and safety, Dr. Horowitz added claims for “civil conspiracy” and “tortuous interference” with his religious commerce damaging his ministry’s sales of “OxySilverTM with 528.”

Scientific studies prove OxySilverTM is a powerful anti-viral, broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, and immune-boosting anti-oxidant that competes against the large corporations that smeared the doctor and his products to discourage consumers and monopolize the markets.

Lab analyses, however, prove the “528 frequency wave” alone, used in homeopathic medicines worldwide due to Dr. Horowitz’s pioneering works, protects nerve cells from alcohol damage and much more. The “green wave” increases anti-oxidant activity 100% to combat infectious diseases.

A 2019 study published in Genes & Genomics concluded that the frequency of 528 Hz increased testosterone levels and reduced the “total concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue. Prolonged exposure to this sound wave showed reduction of anxiety related behaviors in rats. The results reveal that reduced anxiety is related to [exposure to frequency 528Hz and] increased concentration of testosterone in the brain. This study may lead to ascertain a possible therapy in which sounds may be utilized to reduce anxiety in individuals.”

Horowitz has been advancing for decades such therapies based on his now proven theories.

Be it known that despite the Defendants and the Court denying ‘discovery’, the doctor and his team of volunteer researchers made discoveries of top Pfizer officials spinning-off companies for “Frequency Therapeutics” and much more.  This competitive commercial interest in therapies relying similarly on sound and light signaling, best explains why Pfizer’s allied media smeared Dr. Horowitz’s “528 industry” and “LOVE528 Revolution” in international publications. That’s aside from disparaging him personally for his religious beliefs, professional contributions, and vaccination risk whistle-blowing.

A copy of Dr. Horowitz’s opposition to Pfizer’s efforts to block discovery is available HERE; and a downloadable copy of his complaint is available HERE.

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