Frightful Profiteering

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

Frightful Profiteering

Who is profiting from plagues, including this latest swine flu scam?
In this Special Presentation, Investigative Journalist, Sherri Kane interviews Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz as he sheds light on the dark history of disinformation used to advance the H1N1 swine flu vaccination campaign, and with it global genocide. He draws a parallel between getting vaccinated for prevention of infections and getting gassed during World War II for disinfection, all done under the guise of “public health.”
Here he indicts Rupert Murdoch and Reuter’s News Service Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Glocer, both of whom have lucrative ties to vaccine makers pushing H1N1 vaccines and more.
Dr. Horowitz lays out a worst case scenerio in which everyone being vaccinated with this highly unstable, laboratory created H1N1 virus, risks spreading it to others increasing the already high probability it will recombine with more severe viruses, like H5N1 that kills 6-out-of-10 people it infects, and then the combination will kill millions.
This is, in fact, the likeliest outcome, the highest probability of occurrence, for the future of the H1N1 swine flu, and the outcome for which these media moguls promoting BigPharmas vaccines are heavily invested.
Suffice it to say only mentally manipulated fools still believe these vaccines are safe.
The aforementioned intelligence compels every reasonable and responsible person to avoid getting vaccinated this (and every) flu season, and do whatever you can to spread this shocking truth.
For your benefit, linked on the the home page is a new 8 page, full color, H1N1 FLU Newsletter freely downloadable in pdf format for mailing and distributing widely. (Click the link near the upper right side of the page to download the H1N1 FLU 2009 Newsletter .pdf) This was published by Tetrahedron, LLC as a public service with support from natural products manufacturers and promoters, especially
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