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FBI Video Affidavit by Dr Leonard Horowitz

FBI Video Affidavit by Dr Leonard Horowitz

May 4, 2015

Publicly censured Hawaii lawyer, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., disciplined for arguing like “a reckless man” for tax evasion, and known to be illegally manufacturing a dangerous narcotic hallucinogen, is vetted for running a racketeering enterprise in this open video affidavit prepared by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz for the FBI. Mr. Sulla has caused a judicial corruption scandal to erupt in Hawaii implicating three Third Circuit Court judges. Details of how Sulla defrauded the courts to steal Dr. Horowitz’s property in Pahoa, HI is presented herein.

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  1. gadang that’s a lotta I knew he was a crook when I lived up in Ahualoa next door to him, actually his 60 acres was on the other side of the Ahualoa dairy, and our 15 acres was on the other side of the dairy, so not right next door. Did some work for him, watched his scam, he didn’t get any money from me but I did try his “Spirit Molacule” he was charging other people, $100. a pop for. In fact he owed me money for a alter/table I made. Saw him a few months ago in the Courthouse and he tried to shake my hand, pfffft! dude you owed me, f-off. lol he’s a clown.
    Everyone was all dressed in white and when I went to a few of his parties it was really for the temple maidens. lol I was there before he had accumulated all those buildings on his 60 acres funded by duped follower who never had any psychedelic experiences in their life. I rescued one maiden who was strung out on the shit, flying in a netherworld. Showed here what he had was no different than the high you get from shrooms and guess what? The 600 acres of the dairy was full of cow pies. lol FREE “god” experience. What a joke.

  2. I was there when the contingent came from South America, it was as loopy as any church I’ve experienced. But it’s a cult. Weak minded folks searching for answers in the wrong place. One Slick Willy with drugs to control them. He’s also an adulterer, but that shouldn’t be any surprise. Saw him punch his kid too. They lock up Roger Christie and let this con man operate. Well he too will fall and when he does..

  3. the Augustuz Elliot character, Paul J Sulla Jr.’s “alterboy” worked at Pacific Coast Properties (aka Hamakua Coast Realty), and RE agents like used car dealers, politicians and preacher/charlatans, tell you what you want to hear to get yo money. My first work on this island was the facade of that RE building, working for Paul J. Sulla Jr., his boss. I restored it and ‘fixed’ the leaking over the front door. Which was caused but whomever put the tongue and grove up the last time, vertically instead of horizontally so water didn’t run right down the groves, hello?
    still looks good 19 years later,-155.468278,3a,39.9y,9.09h,84.98t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sFnjycNKi7a-jW2v5k5BubA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xcfa8c96ce9eaf855!6m1!1e1
    I also had stuff in The Bamboo Gallery and The Waipio gallery.

    This table “alter” he didn’t pay for and suggested I ‘donated’ my work. Yea, sure, try $500. bucks, that would be a gift..

    He had a roll of hundreds in his pocket from collecting from the flock and couldn’t even peel off a few bills. So took it back and put it in the Gallery. It was also in the Wood Show in Hilo back then, 18 years ago. I am REALLY surprise he lasted this long doing what he’s doing.
    Sure a lot more sinister than anything Roger Christie was alleged of doing.

  4. this was Paul J. Sulla Jr’s “girlfriend” when he was cheating on his wife:
    Here over at my place when I was building the thing she and her girlfriend would come over. I could write a book about Paul J. Sulla Jr.’s cult. LOL
    I went to Maui and did one trip with a group over there, went to Kauai, to her place, never went to his place, I’m sure he knew I would keep his infidelity any secret. His wife was his cheating girlfriend when he was married to his previous wife< as she^^ told me (name withheld to protect the innocent). It was all too much soap opera for me and I just distanced myself from his BS. Seen too many scam artists in my life. A LOT of them were lawyers, judges too.

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